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Dublin Marathon takes place Sunday 29th October. We are so excited for everyone taking part. We will be out on the streets shouting and cheering along all our marathon training group and everyone else as they take on the 26.2 miles.


Sneak preview of our posters…

Here is one of our many posters which will be out on the streets on Sunday morning.

a taster of our marathon posters

a taster of our marathon posters

Running the marathon ? Struggling to relax ?


It’s totally normal to be nervous this week – we have put together a series of blog posts to help distract you from tapering and also focus the mind on what you can be doing this week instead of running.

This marathon week follow Mary’s daily tips :

Mon : 10 things to do on Marathon Week

Tues : Tips for First Timers

Wed : Advice for your Supporters

Thurs : Your Marathon Checklist

Fri : The Marathon Expo

Sat : The day before the marathon

Our plans for the Race Day

  1. 8am : Meeting all our students at Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane
  2. 9am : Will wave goodbye to all the gang at the start line and head towards our first cheer point
  3. 10am : Cheering along Chesterfield avenue the Phoenix Park on the runners right hand side
  4. 11am : Cheering in Ballsbridge to catch all the finishers in their last mile (near American Embassy)
  5. 11am -3pm : Watch out for many more of our running chicks out on bikes and  on foot all around the course.
  6. 4pm : Back to the Clayton Hotel to put our feet up after a long day of cheering (and running, for some!)

Message for Supporters :

Come out onto the streets of Dublin. Whether you know runners or not, it is an inspiring and uplifting day. Come join me at the meeting points above, or find your own spot in the crowd.

Keep in touch on Race day

We will be on Facebook and Twitter all day posting updates from the sidelines.

More reading – Articles by Mary on Dublin Marathon..

I have written monthly articles for The Irish Times on Dublin Marathon this Autumn.

Final Words of Advice…

Stop worrying about the weather, your phantom pain in your leg and whether your alarm will work on race day morning. Instead, look back over all you have done the past 16 weeks and aim to enjoy the weekend ahead. It will all be over too soon. Enjoy every minute. This is the poster that I will always remember from my first marathon. Very soon you will have a similar memory which will stay in your head for many years to come..


A special mention to everyone who has been part of our training groups both in Dublin and online this year – we will be back training for Spring and Autumn marathons again in the next year… Mary x

FTG Marathon

Mary Jennings is founder and running coach at ForgetTheGym which provides coaching and support to runners and joggers from beginners right up to marathoners. She is a certified ChiRunning coach based in Dublin, Ireland.






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