12 Months of Running – February

What better way to get motivated to run a 5k either your first or 100th than a free one every Saturday in your local Park. 

pre parkrun group at St Annes

Although parkrun is on all year round (quite literally some of them even take place on Christmas Day) we have decided to focus our efforts in February to this wonderful event.

parkrun is run on a voluntary basis. The initial set up costs and insurance fees are raised by local teams and co councils but the weekly running is all about everyone getting involved. They ask that each runner volunteers a minimum of 3 times a year and there are numerous volunteer roles to suit everyone. Its a great feeling to give back to other runners and give back to your running community.

So now for the fun stuff. In order to take part you need to register for parkrun (just once for any parkrun internationally) . You will be asked to select your home parkrun, you can find a list of all the parkruns currently in Ireland.

Once you register you are given a barcode, this is your personal barcode print it out (laminate if possible) and bring with you to every parkrun you attend.

When you arrive at your local parkrun on Saturday morning follow your fellow runners to the start line,  when the run director says start you run. parkrun in Ireland starts at 9.30 am but differs internationally so check before you head along to a different one.

Running chick Jamie doing run director role at parkrun


As you cross the finish line you are handed a finish token (please don’t take this home). You then find one of your fellow parkrunner’s who has donned a hi vis jacket for this week and is taking on a volunteer role and they scan both tokens and your time is recorded. Later that day you get a text and an email with your time your position and your stats.

Finish Token

Now its time to absorb the post run atmosphere, check out the closest coffee shop and chat to friends about how your run went. Good or bad you get to do it all again next week.

parkrun finish line

Our favourite things about parkrun include meeting friends there for a pre run chat or warm up and a the post run coffee.

parkrun Australia

parkrun Australia

One of the Many advantages of parkrun is that it is international so next time you are taking a trip abroad be sure to check out if there is one close by and balance out your holiday indulgences and see a local park and maybe even meet some locals for a coffee after.

parkrun in NewZealand

parkrun in NewZealand

Need to find a race?

These are a few of our favourite runs. If there is one you think that we should include, please let us know, send us your race report and we will do our best to add it in.
Check out the very user friendly GoRun.ie which has a great listing of all upcoming races.

We also have lots of our own events this month :  ForgetTheGym Events.

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