21 Days to Make a Habit

Now that we have completed 21 days of our 30 day Plank Challenge, apparently it should be a habit by now. But its not! I still forget to do it, and get annoyed when I have to get out of bed at night when I remember. There even was one night when I said , ‘I’ll do 2 tomorrow’, and didn’t even bother getting out of bed.

So, what’s the problem – well here is where I think I’m failing. I don’t do the plank at the same time every day. I do it when I remember. There is nothing that triggers me to think, ‘time for the plank”, unless Im teaching classes, and on those days it happens in class.

So what is your trigger? Those of you smug people that have completed 21 days without fail, or even 15 days? What reminds you to do it ?

I’m thinking first thing out of bed might be the only way. Or maybe just after I brush my teeth. It needs to be so automatic I need to be doing it before I realise it. So for the last 10 days of the challenge, I’m going to put a postit on my bathroom mirror, so at least ill see it a few times a day. Ideally I’ll do it in the morning, but if all else fails, I’ll see it last thing at night.

With all my research and studies on habits and behaviours, I still find it hard to practice what I preach. It’s about time to change.

Wish me luck.