40 Days and 40 nights….

As kids we had such discipline to give up chocolate and crisps for Lent.

We kept our promises and build up pennies in our cardboard Trocaire Boxes.


Why does it seem harder as an adult ?

Lent starts today and we have 40 days until Easter Sunday. If you know you won’t last a week without chocoate, crisps, wine, facebook or Instragram why not DO something instead of giving up something.

Remember those New Years Resolutions?

If you are already feeling guilty for not sticking to them, you have another chance.


Can you free up One Minute a Day for 40 days ?

We tried to tempt you on Jan 1st and Feb 1st, but so many got distracted. Its time for the comeback.

Commit to 1 minute at day, to get strong, fit and disciplined this Lent. By Easter you wont know yourself.

Start out small – Try our 1 minute a day Plank routine.

Build up to 5 minutes – Check out our series of 5 minute routines.

Get support – On our ‘Plank a Day‘ forum, we will give daily motivation, ideas and answer any of your questions.

The next 40 days will fly by – just take a couple of minutes out for yourself. No one else can make this decision. Only you. We will even let you reward yourself some of these in 40 days time..


Join our ‘Plank a Day Facebook Challenge‘ here.