Our Team

At ForgetTheGym, we help runners all over Ireland (and online) to start running, keep running and most importantly feel good running. We also love bringing people together and love the social side of running.

We are a team of 4 coaches who understand how hard it is to juggle everything. But we recognise how important it is to look after our body and balance some of the stress in our days. So we don’t shout, scream or scare you off running, instead our aim is to encourage you to get started, build your running confidence and keep you motivated and inspired to keep on moving.

Founder and Coach – Mary Jennings

A relative late comer to exercise, Mary understands what it’s like not to feel ‘sporty’ and loves building confidence in new runners and helping people reach their running goals. She has plenty practise on the roads herself having completed over 45 marathons and ultramarathons. Mary founded ForgetTheGym 15 years ago when she left her ‘proper job’ to follow her passion.

Mary is a regular columnist with The Irish Times and a frequent voice on radio, television and print. Mary is the author of the book ‘Get Running’ published in 2019 by Gill Books. Mary is one of the few ChiRunning instructors in Ireland and holds an MSc is Sports and Exercise Psychology.

As well as working with individual and groups, Mary has presented at corporate wellness events. Clients include: Aer Lingus, AVIVA, Accenture, PwC, The Irish Times, Thrive Festival, JP Morgan, Deloitte and Virgin Media.

Coach - Aoife Slater

Just like Mary, Aoife discovered running as an adult and has seen it transform not only her appearance but also her lifestyle.

From being a self-confessed overweight and unfit couch potato, things changed in 2009 she built up slowly from walking to running 10k and hasn’t looked back. She truly caught the running bug, qualified as a personal trainer in 2011 and has since replaced the 9-5 office job with running shoes.

From parkruns to marathons, Aoife has seen running change her body and her mindset and today coaches our runners who need support, motivation and a gentle nudge in the right direction. She is a keen foam roller advocate but lucky for us she also enjoys baking yummy post run treats, and we all get to benefit from her culinary skills.

Aoife is ensuring her love for running is passed on to the next generation as she encourages her children to enjoy junior parkrun on Sunday mornings.

Food Coach - Dee Daly

Dee is the founder of Deelitefull and joined us in 2015 when we teamed up to offer Run+Cook events in Dublin city. Since then Dee has become one of our regular runners and since we have moved to virtual coaching as become our food expert, helping us enjoy simple healthy food without making it too complicated.

Dee combines her love of food and cooking with her nutritional background to show people that food can be both tasty and healthy. She believes the best tool to inspire people to eat healthy is flavour and thankfully she approves of our post run picnics and coffees.

Yoga Coach - Linda Champ

Founder of Linann Yoga, Linda Champ is based in Co. Offaly. Linda joined our team in 2019 as we loved dropping into her lovely venue for Yoga on our Running Day Retreats to the midlands.

Today we are lucky to have Linda teach virtually for our running group helping us balance our running (and our lives) with yoga. Linda has over 14 years experience in Holistic Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Neuromuscular & Physical Therapy and Ashtanga Yoga teaching at home and abroad. We have yet to convince Linda to come running with us, but we are working on it!

Our Running Community

We are most proud of the community of runners that have helped create our ForgetTheGym family over the years.

The camaraderie and support knows no bounds. Behind the scenes our running family keep each other motivated and inspired via our private forums, pop-up events and of course the personal friendship bonds which have been created over the years.

You might see us at races and events in our Running Chick and Chick Magnet gear. Read more about our running community.