All our plans for April 2020

You might feel frustrated with your lack of running freedom right now. Indeed our races, running buddies, club facilities and usual routes are out of reach. It can feel tough combined with all the other changes in our lives this month.
Earlier this week I wrote in The Irish Times about how to adapt our training in this difficult time. It’s worth a read if you are not sure what you be doing right now.
We are still SO LUCKY have an opportunity to get outside, move and be in nature. We do indeed have to stay within 2 km from our homes (if you are here in Ireland with us), but there is plenty you can do in 200m, not to mention 2 km to stay fit, clear your head and keep moving.
It’s time to change up our approach to training to make the most of the opportunities we do have right now.  Here are all our plans to help you this difficult month :  Read full April 2020 newsletter