Advent Challenge for Runners

Once upon a time Advent was a countdown to the big day. Nowadays these 24 days are some of the busiest in our year. The planning, presents and associated pressure add an extra load to our already hectic schedules. So why not join us at ForgetTheGym in restoring a little balance to your Advent this year. Something small each day … Read More

Why is it so hard to get motivated to start running?

I met a lady recently who told me she always reads my Irish Times running column but is not a runner herself. Curious, I asked her why. “I’m building up to it” she said. “I know running would do me good but I just can’t seem to get started. I hope someday I will”. So for this lady, and anyone … Read More

Stay Running Virtual Programme

More than just a running programme, our virtual Winter Stay Running package is a full holistic programme for recreational runners. It includes all the added elements that make your running easier :  yoga classes to balance the madness, strength workouts to protect the body, cooking and recipes to nourish you as well as our bread and butter – supportive running … Read More

Heading into Summer 2021 – All our plans

15 months ago we started coaching runners virtually and when we started we never imagined it would be so popular. So here we are more than 1 year on, and we are staying online this summer (and maybe even beyond) to help you to keep running, feel good and stay connected. Summer Virtual Coaching : Starting 5th July we kick … Read More

Fitness in pregnancy and beyond

At the time I was pregnant in 2016 I wrote a series of articles in The Irish Times about fitness across the various stages of the journey. I’m delighted now I wrote it all down, because it is all a blur now 5 years on! If you are somewhere along the path from fertility to pregnancy to making a comeback … Read More

What is the best surface to run on?

When I started running, I always ran on footpaths and roads. I never really considered anywhere else. My local paths and roads were safe, even and well lit. Most races take place on city streets so I just assumed that I should train on a similar surface. It never actually entered my mind to run on grass, trail or sand. … Read More

15 ways to change up your usual 5k run.

One year on and we know every corner and pothole within our 5km radius. It’s completely understandable if your enthusiasm for running might be waning especially if every run you take on feels very similar to the last one. Although we can’t change where we run right now, we still do have the option to change how we approach each … Read More

How to use your imagination to make you run better….

What do you do when you are feeling sluggish on the run? Do you drive your legs harder, grit your teeth and dig deep? Maybe you prefer to mutter motivational quotes hoping for inspiration? Or do you slow down, focus on your breath and search for energy that way? We all have different tactics to help us overcome these running … Read More

How to fall back in love with running….

Have you lost your running mojo and fitness this winter? If so, you are not alone. The combination of another pandemic lockdown and wintery weather has moved running down the priority list for many. But could I tempt you this Valentine’s week to rekindle your love affair with your running shoes? You know you love it, once you get started. … Read More

February is the new January

I had great intentions of being just fabulous this January. Yes, I knew we would be back in another lockdown, but wouldn’t that give me more time to get things done? How wrong was I! For most people I think this January was a little longer than usual but despite it’s perceived length, most of the things I assumed I … Read More