For 2020 our Beachfit classes have had to take on a new life. Coach Aoife has been teaching a Beachfit style class since April students. So popular have they been, we are going to keep them going.  They are suitable for all levels of runner, even if you are just starting out (or indeed prefer to walk!)

Beachfit Reviews

 “I love that I can now join your training sessions again through the virtual world. The beachfit classes are a great all over workout. You feel like you have pushed yourself but not so much that you don’t want to do it again. Aoife is brilliant at explaining and demonstrating the exercises. Would highly recommend.”

“The Beachfit Online really spurred me on to get back to activity in a format that I knew I would enjoy, and that I knew I could adjust for myself to what I would be able for, in the comfort of my own home.”

What is Beachfit : Each Beachfit class is different but there are elements of pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning, mobility and fun in them all. The only equipment you will need is your yoga mat and maybe a few tins of beans, a chair and a towel.

Class Schedule : Every Beachfit class is 1 hour long, but join in a few minutes early for a little bit of pre-exercise banter and a mini catchup.  If you cannot join in live, you can follow the class in your own time as it will be recorded and sent to you. Nothing stopping you doing it more than once a week either!

The next start date for beachfit will be on the week  of14th Sept 2020 as part of our autumn packages.