Beachfit goes online

Oh how we wish we were with you all by the beach, but for 2020 our Beachfit classes have had to take on a new life. Coach Aoife has been teaching a Beachfit style class through April and May free for all our students. So popular have they been, we are going to keep them going. From June onwards, these classes will continue but they will be part of our ‘summer funrun‘ and ‘marathon‘ online running packages.

If however you are not a runner and you would like to take part in the classes without ever running a mile, you can also signup to 8 weeks of Beachfit classes direct from Aoifes sitting room to yours.

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What is Beachfit : Each Beachfit class is different but there are elements of pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning, mobility and fun in them all. The only equipment you will need is your yoga mat and maybe a few tins of beans, a chair and a towel.

Class Schedule : Every Beachfit class is 1 hour long, but join in a few minutes early for a little bit of pre-exercise banter and a mini catchup. The classes are delivered via Zoom live on Mondays at 7pm. If you cannot join in live, you can follow the class in your own time as it will be recorded and sent to you. Nothing stopping you doing it more than once a week either!

Are you a runner? The beachfit classes are included as part of our summer funrun programme  and marathon coaching programme where you get a lot more for runners to keep you motivated.

Prices : 

  • Beachfit Only : €75
  • Summer FunRun Package : €90

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PS: Thank you all to everyone who joined in the fun in April and May. We really appreciate all your lovely feedback. A special thanks to all who made a charity donation for taking part. We have raised over €1000 for Irish Hospice Foundation already.