Best running articles for Corona virus times

We can on longer relay on races, parkruns or running clubs/meetups  to keep us motivated and moving. While the world is changing, we also need to change our perspective, our running goals and indeed our expectations on ourselves to adapt to our new ‘normal’. Running has always been a way to let off steam, to clear our head and to make us feel calm yet energised. Now it is more important than ever to manage our stress, our responsibilities and indeed our time. We may need to find different measures of success to stay motivated, keep our running enjoyable while also making our fitness habit safe to ourselves and those we encounter on the path.

I have compiled a list of my written pieces that are best suited to runners in these difficult days. Most of these pieces I wrote for The Irish Times. Others are pieces I wrote months and years ago on topics like mindful running, running technique and indeed the value of getting outdoors, regardless of whether we run/walk. They are more relevant than ever.

I understand how difficult it can be for runners who had big days in the diary coming up. It is so hard to readjust when everything you have worked towards has been taken away. In years to come we will look back at this time and once things do return to normal I am certain we will value our running freedom even more. I would hope runners can see this time as an opportunity to try out something new, spend time on the aspects of running that they may have not had time/motivation to address before, but most importantly, I would love you to use running as something that helps you manage this difficult time, rather that let running be another stress in these uncertain days.

Without race goals and race days, maybe we could shift out intention from medals and miles to the often overlooked joys of running. If you want to try out something else on your next run, get inspired here :

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If you would like to read similar writing in a different format, my book Get Running is available now. Thank you to everyone so much for all the lovely reviews.

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