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Ultimate Runners Retreat to South of France

We are beyond excited to announce the details of our luxury runners retreat for May 2020 to the South of France. The location for our retreat is the incredible St Jean’s Retreat at Cordes-Sur-Ceil. We had the pleasure of spending a weekend there recently exploring the area, the accommodation, the trails and of course the

Getaway Day for Runners

Fancy a break? How about joining us on a one day adventure to the midlands of Ireland for some leisurely running and yoga with a group of like-minded souls. Date : Sunday 22nd Sept 2019 – Book your place Cost €95. Our Destination Our day is made up to two separate parts. Our morning will

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One week in the limelight

Sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and the week of the 22nd February was surely that for me. It was book launch week and after a (very) long time in front of a computer it was time to trade in the laptop and the running shoes for the high heels.  I

Summer Running Retreat

  This summer I’m taking a small group of recreational runners to the stunning Beara Peninsula in West Cork for some well deserved time out with a difference. Do you want to come home from a long weekend feeling energised, rested and motivated? I know I do. So, why not join me? Our base for

Dublin Marathon Tips

We are so excited for everyone taking part in this year’s KBC Dublin Marathon taking place on Sunday 27th October 2019. We will be out on the streets shouting and cheering along all our Marathon Coaching Group and everyone else as they take on the 26.2 miles. Sneak preview of our posters… Here is some

Cross the Line – Womens Mini Marathon prep

Relaunch of Get Running Training Programmes

In January 2018, The Irish Times relaunched Mary’s 3 Running programmes and Mary from ForgetTheGym wrote in the paper each week of the duration of the programme keeping everyone motivated and on track. There were 10 weekly pieces in the paper. The links are listed below  to the online pieces and you can also view

Hostage in Amsterdam

A photo I posted on Facebook recently sparked quite a bit of curiosity, so I have decided to explain myself and tell you all how I ended up looking like this one Friday night in Amsterdam. Oxygen Advantage In my ongoing search to find more ways to make our running easier and more enjoyable, a

My First Half Marathon Workshop

Could you run a Half Marathon ? Join Mary for her Half Marathon Workshop where she explains everything you need to know to get you to the startline (and the finish line) of your half marathon smiling. Suitable for those training for their FIRST Half Marathon – Moving up from 8k and 10k distance. The

Walking with a buggy – tips to make it easier

As part of her series of articles on motherhood, In this article Mary gives tips on walking with a buggy. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 5th June 2017. You can read the full article online

All I want for Christmas is a festive run.

In this article Mary tells us how all she really wants for Christmas is to get out for a small amount of head space before the calorie fest commences on Christmas day. This article first appeared in The Irish Times on 19th December 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Finish the running year on a high

In this article Mary discusses whether it may be best to take a break from running for the winter to regain confidence running and rest some weary or injured bodies. This article first appeared in The Irish Times on November 21st 2017. You can read the full article online here.  

Completed a marathon? Give yourself a pat on the back

In this article Mary explains that no matter what role you played in the marathon you should reflect on this role and be proud of your achievement. This article first appeared in The Irish Times on November 3rd 2017. You can read the full article online here.  

Dublin Marathon – The view from Crumlin Road

I received this email on the week before Dublin Marathon two years ago. You will love it, especially if you are a Dublin Marathon runner or supporter. It’s a wonderful letter and I encourage you to share it with anyone you know who is involved in the marathon. Have a read… Dear Mary, I was

The Week of the Marathon – Countdown

In this article Mary give your tips for the final week in the build up to the Marathon. This article first appeared in The Irish Times on October 24th 2017. You can read the full article online here.

The two simple things successful runners do

In this article Mary tells us the 2 things every successful runner does to keep themselves in check and stay running.   This article first appeared in The Irish Times on October 9th 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Keeping on track despite marathon setbacks

So the training has not exactly gone completely to plan. Don’t worry, in this article Mary tells you how you are not alone and what the next steps are to get confident for race day. This article first appeared in The Irish Times on 18th September 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Making a running comeback this autumn

In this article Mary gives us some advice if we have had a break from running for a while and tips for getting back out there. This article first appeared in The Irish Times on 11th September 2017. You can read the full article online here.  

Find the right beat, and you’ll run faster and better

In this article Mary explains how to improve our running technique from the start of your run and to keep it going even when fatigue kicks in. This article was first published on August 14th 2017, you can read the full article online here.

So you want to run a 5k ?

In part of the weekend magazine feature on getting active this summer, Mary gives tips on running for beginners. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 15th July 2017. You can read the full article online

Walking your way out of holiday stress

In this article Mary gives tips on how to use exercise this summer to help with stress levels. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 20th June 2017. You can read the full article online

Running in the heat of Summer

In this article Mary gives tips on running in the sun. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 4th July 2017. You can read the full article online

Running Books for your holidays

In this article Mary gives you an excuse to run less and read more this summer. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 18th July 2017. You can read the full article online

What’s on this Winter

Here is what is going on at Forget The Gym for Autumn/Winter 2017. Upcoming Events 2017   Running Classes Our Aummer term finished on 26th  October and we return on 6th Nov with our Winter term of Classes. Booking is now open. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our classes this year

Night Fever – Tips to enjoy your 10k night run

Ahead of the Virgin Media Night Run, Mary shares her tips for a successful 10k. (March 2017)

Forget The Office – Profile on Mary Jennings and Career Change

The profiles ForgetTheGym’s Mary Jennings and her decision to drop her 9-5 job to pursue a life immersed in running (April 2017). Read Article  

Walking for Summer – how to add steps to your days

In this article Mary gives ideas of ways you can add steps and movement to your days. Stop thinking of walking as a chore. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 9th May 2017. You can read the full article online  

Walking your way into Summer – Getting Started

In this article Mary talks about using this month of April as a time to add movement to the day. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 9th April 2017. You can read the full article online

Fitness with a 3 month old

In this article Mary shares her humbling experience of returning to exercise with a 3 month old baby. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 25th April 2017. You can read the full article online

Baby Steps – Fitness with a New Born

In this article Mary advises on whats sensible and practical with a new baby in tow. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 28th Mar 2017. You can read the full article online <a href=”“>here</a>.

The Satisfying Quest for Personal Best

In this article, Mary challenges the traditional chase for the Personal Best as the best measure for running success. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 14th Mar 2017. You can read the full article online <a href=”″>here</a>.    

ForgetTheGym writes in The Irish Times

Mary writes regularly on all things running in the The Irish Times. Here are a selection of her most recent articles : Date What Mary wrote about….. Jan-Mar 2018 A 10 week series of articles to support the relaunch of Mary’s Irish Times Get Running Programmes 19/12/2017 All I want for Christmas is a festive

There is something in the air – step outside

In this article Mary asks you to take a few minutes of your day outdoors and see the difference it makes to your  day. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 31st Jan 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Valentine’s Day Special – Why we love to run

In this article Mary asks her running students about their love of running. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 14th Feb 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Resolutions – Take it one month at a time

In this article Mary talks about stepping away from New Year Resolutions and taking the year one month at a time This article was first published in The Irish Times on January 3rd 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Fitness in the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

In this article Mary talks about staying fit and healthy as pregnancy moves into the 2nd trimester and body shape (and energy) changes. This article was first published in The Irish Times on January 17th 2017. You can read the full article online here.

Running Holiday May 2017

It’s here. Due to popular demand, we have found a super location for our relaxed running weekend less than 2 hours from Dublin. Based in the picturesque village of Kinnitty in Co. Offaly, this running getaway with bring you to foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains with miles of parklands, castles and (a few) hills

Our most popular posts of 2016

Here are our 5 most read pieces from the year gone by. We hope you like them. 1. Pregnancy – Endurance training of a different kind The surprisingly similarities between pregnancy and training for a marathon. Read Article. 2. Tips for Looking After your Running Shoes How to select the best shoes for your body

Get your pregnancy off to a flying start – 1st Trimester Fitness

In this article Mary talks about staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy and where to start with any fitness plan. This article was first published in The Irish Times on December 13th 2016. You can read the full article online here. 

Preview of 2017 at Forget The Gym

 Here is what’s happening in 2017 at Forget The Gym: Coaching Team : Mary returns from maternity leave to lead classes and workshops, while Aoife winds down towards her maternity leave. Anne continues to teach classes while keeping us updated on all her ultra running plans. Beginners Running Classes – Our original 8 week course

12 Months of Running – December

By the time December comes around, our weekends are jam packed with celebrations with family and friends and days hitting the shops to pick up gifts. What better way to de-stress and detox from it all than entering into one of the many festive runs. Jingle bells 5k Other than a slight incline at the

Don’t let December run away on you

In this weeks Health and Fitness segment Mary talks about making the most out of running during the festive season to balance out all the over indulging. This article was first published on 29th November in The Irish Times. You can read the full article online here.

12 Months of Running – November

Its’s cold, it’s dark most of the time the excuses are endless. However if you are signed up to something there is all the more reason to get out the door and do your training. Mo Run This 5k and 10k run taking place in the phoenix park is a great opportunity to raise awareness for men’s

The Day before the Marathon

Let me say, even I will wake up nervous these mornings. I know its not til tomorrow, but I think most of us have been dreaming about the marathon this weekend. It is 100% normal to feel a bit anxious today. Its also a day where you probably don’t have a lot planned, so you

Tips for the Marathon Expo

Arriving at the Dublin Marathon Race Expo is the moment where it hits you. The marathon is real. You are actually running a marathon this weekend. It’s the first sight of the runners leaving the Expo with the race bags as you arrive in Ballsbridge, the buzz as you enter the hall, the emotion as you

Marathon Checklist

So are you all packed ? I know it’s still a few day to go – but you will spend all day tomorrow thinking what you have forgotten if you don’t have a list of what you need to bring with you on race day. I have taken photos of my pre race list of

Top Tips for your First Marathon Day

If this is your first marathon, you are probably already overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice you have been given this week. From the media, to your work colleagues, everyone seems to be an expert on marathon running. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the information. Its important now that you stop reading up

Tips for your Marathon Supporters

One of the real benefits of a home marathon is that you are likely to see so many people you know along the route. Sometimes you even see people that didn’t even know you were training for the marathon ! They are much more shocked than you are. Its highly unlikely your supporters will spot

10 Things to do on Marathon Week

It’s the time when all the doubts, nerves and phantom injuries all hit you with a bang. It’s ages since my last long run – I have lost my fitness ? What if my alarm doesn’t work on race morning  ? What is that pain I have in my knee ? Does this sound like

Nearly there: don’t let worry take over the final stage of marathon training

In this article Mary talks about the doubt that can set in towards race day and how you can best use the extra spare time you have in the lead up to your big race day. The long runs are almost done and over the next few weeks the mileage drops gradually. This is the

12 Months of Running – October

We hate to admit it but there is a distinct change in the weather and the evenings are getting shorter. For some this means hibernating for the winter and retiring the running shoes. Not for us, its all the more reason to sign up to an event to keep us motivated. Dublin Simon Fun Run

Make your running more fun

Has your running become stale? Have you lost the love you once had for the freedom running gave you or have you put too much pressure on yourself for times and distance that you have forgotten what just going for a run feels like? In this article Mary gives us 13 ways to get back

Sports Psychology tips for marathon runners

Training the head can be as important as training the body. In this article Mary gives us some tips on how to battle the mental barriers we come across while running. You can read the full article first published in The Irish Times on September 13th 2016 here. 

Can you get fit in 8 weeks?

In this article Mary gives us some tips on how to prioritise our fitness for a few weeks. As well as some information on The Irish Times Phizer Healthy Town Initiative, 2016’s healthy town is Navan. This article was first published on September 6th, you can read the full article online here.  

Out of breath thinking of hill running? Follow our tips…

Do you see a hill and run the other way? In this article first published in The Irish Times in August 2016 Mary tells us to embrace hills and gives some great tips on how to conquer the hill with alot less effort. You can read the full article online here.  

12 Months of Running – September

September for many can mean back to routine after a long summer of holidays.It also draws us ever closer to those darker evenings when it is so hard to peel yourself off the couch and go for a run. What better way to stay motivated this month than to sign up for an event. Here

Marathon Training; Respect and celebrate the weekend long runs.

In this article first published in the Irish Times in August 2016 Mary tells us how we should be preparing every week for our long runs in the build up to a Marathon. Focusing on all the parts of the run, the build up to it and the recovery. She also tells us to celebrate

12 Months of Running – August

August brings us the last of the summer months of running and with many upping the distance training for Dublin City Marathon its rare to not see a runner on every road in Dublin. Although many still away on holidays there is still plenty to offer at home. With plenty to choose from this month

We run for Coffee & Cake

What a great evening we had for our coffee lovers run with Network Cafe in Dublin. All happy faces departing the beach in Sandymount. Our first stop was Merrion square where we used the beautiful surroundings to allow a minute of a plank fly by. Although we have run most of these streets before for

Foam Rolling for Runners Workshop

This practical workshop will teach you how to make the best use of your Foam Roller to keep you running for longer with less injuries. What’s a Foam Roller? A foam roller is a tool which allows you essentially to give yourself a deep tissue massage by loosening out adhesions and tightness in the body.

The first step in marathon training

Here Mary tells us why its so important to set yourself up for success now for your marathon training. From getting a plan that fits in with your life and taking it all one week at a time. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in July 2016, you can read the full article

Trial Run for Dublin Marathon

Mary talks here about the weeks and runs leading up to the marathon and how to learn from each of them. The purpose of these long runs is to train your body to be on your feet for an extended time, so the slower the better. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in

Pregnancy: endurance training of a different kind

Pregnancy and Marathon Training are not all that different. Mary, having experienced the marathon training is now going through the pregnancy noticing all the similarities.   This article first appeared in The Irish Times in July 2016. You can read the full article online here. 

12 Months of Running – July

July brings us lovely warm weather (ahem, yes in Ireland – just look at the pictures below) and lots of wonderful running events. Here are a few of our favourite races this month. Docklands 5k A lovely flat route starting on the South Docks at Lime street and heading out over the Matt Talbot Bridge as far

No Equipment – No excuses – Exercises you can do anywhere

Whether you are in your sitting room, office, back garden or away somewhere sunny on holiday, it is still possible to fit in a few exercises to help build your strength and fitness. Here are our favourite exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment required. Start out with just one minute per day and

Tempted by Beaujolais 2019 ?

Each year a group of Running Chicks and Chick Magnets head off to France in November for a great weekend of running, wine and fun at the annual Marathon du Beaujolais. The event takes place the weekend of the 22nd-24th November 2018. This event sells out really quickly so if you are coming with us,

No Time to Exercise – It only takes a minute

In this article Mary Jennings explains about our favourite exercise the Plank if you only have one minute per day use it wisely. This article first appeared in the Irish times on 7th June 2016, you can read the full article online here. If you wish to join the challenge, you are more than welcome.

NCEF – How to Coach New Runners

Mary writes in the Summer Ezine for the NCEF. You can read the full Ezine here. Article featured on Pages 26 &27. In this article Mary discusses the role of the coach in getting people out running, where the best place to start is and what tips and advice to give.

ForgettheGym on TV3’s Ireland AM breakfast show

Mary was on Ireland AM on TV3 last week talking all about how to make your running more enjoyable and comfortable. Lots of Chirunning tips and little ideas to help you get the most out of your running. You can watch the 5 minute clip on the TV3 Player Certainly a new experience to watch

The alternative Friday night out

We were tourists in our own city last night as we headed to Howth for a scenic coastal trail run followed by the famous fish and chips. We were blessed to be joined by a wonderful guide, Ger Copeland, head running coach of the local Dublin Bay Running Club who was brave enough to take

My swimming might be like your running

Mary Jennings might have all the motivation in the world to head out for a run but when it comes to swimming she puts it off until it is absolutely necessary. This might have something to do with the Atlantic rescue. Is her procrastination in this field similar to how you put off your running?

Chi Running and Breathing – Dublin Masterclass Weekend

Dublin Masterclass Weekend We are delighted to announce that Gray Caws and Patrick McKeown are coming to Dublin for a great weekend of Reduced Breathing Technique & Chi Running Performance. Check out the details. Sat 2nd July : The Oxygen Advantage Masterclass with Patrick McKeown Sun 3rd July : Chi Running Advanced Technique & Performance

Running shops in Dublin

We often get asked where in Dublin to buy running shoes. Between running shoes and all those extra running essentials, there is such a selection of wonderful specialist running shops these days. Rather than have you spend your time researching, we have contacted the Dublin shops directly and asked them for more details on what

Temple Street Running Technique Tips

To all of you running for Temple Street Foundation, we wish you all the very best of luck in your upcoming race. As you approach your race day, here are a few tips to make your running feel easier and more enjoyable. These tips come from the Chirunning Technique which aims to make your running

Embrace the Winter – Exercise outdoors

Mary writes for the NCEF Ezine. You can see the full E-zine online here. In this article first published in the National Fitness News E-zine in May 2016 Mary talks about her love of the outdoors. She explains how she passes this on to all her clients.  

12 Months of Running – June

June usually brings us shorter sleeved running tops and a break from all the layers. A great way to keep going throughout the summer months is to sign up to an event. Even if you are on holidays during the training plan it will make you bring the runners with you. VHI Womens Mini Marathon

12 months of Running – May

Here are our favourite runs around Ireland this May. Lets start by kicking off the bank holiday weekend with a few events in Dublin and Limerick. Great Limerick Run One of our favorite weekends away is the May Bank Holiday where you are sure to spot a running chick or two at the Great Limerick

Corporate Fit

In this article first published in Think Tech Ezine in April 2016, Mary talks about the benefits of having a company fitness programme and how its not all about exercise. Mary give tips on how to create a successful Wellness programme to suit your company’s requirements.   You can read the full Ezine here.  Article on

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Most of us would rather an extra 5 minutes run than set aside five minutes  at the end of the run to help the body recover after running. Avoid injury, help recovery and cooldown your body after your run by fitting in a few stretches. If you can never remember which stretches to do, or

All our plans for 2016

We have put together a little handout for you which shows you everything we have on this year. From workshop dates to running classes, hopefully having all the info in one place will make it easy for you to get inspired. View and Download All Our Plans for 2016 Here’s to a great year of

Keep track of your progress

Keeping a training log is a fantastic way to monitor progress and challenges along the way. I still have my training logs from when I started jogging (very slowly) and it is great to look back over them and remember the challenge/effort and sense of achievement I felt as I first ran 5 minutes non-stop.

Your Run – The first 5 minutes…

Never believe what your body tells you in the first 5 minutes of your run. If you do, you will convince yourself that you are not made for running. The negative voices in our head complain, our breathing can feel laboured, our leg muscles can feel tight and joints might ache as we start running.

Its the final countdown; what do do in race week

Mary gives us some great tips on what to do in the lead up to a race. All her tried and tested strategies to avoid any hiccups before the big day. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in May 2016. You can read the full article online here. 

Mums on the run

Mary talks with some Mum’s who not only run, but manage to combine spending time with family in those runs by running with their daughters. Gradually as babies start to grow up, many mums have managed to fit in a little time for themselves and taken on something they never imagined possible. They have become

Wall Sits for Everyone

Why should we do a wall sit? A wall sit builds strength and endurance in glutes, calves and quadriceps muscles which are all used every time you run. How to do a wall sit – step by step guide With feet shoulder width apart, sit back against a wall, lowering your bum until you are using

Squats for everyone

Why do we squat? Squats are a great functional exercise which make everyday activities easier such as sitting down or standing up and even bending to lift things. Try using this technique everytime you lift something up off the floor and this should help with posture and prevent back injuries from lifting. Squats can also

Setting your Spring Running Goals

It’s the time of the year where many of us are feeling guilty that those new years resolutions have been ignored. But it’s not too late. Here is how to get back on track….   This article first appeared in The Irish Times in Feb 2016. Link to the article on The Irish Times website.

Do you need a Running Buddy?

Fitness and Friends – A running buddy keeps you motivated as the miles fly by. You share worries, hopes dreams and maybe even things you wouldn’t tell your best friend. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in Feb 2016.  Link to the article text on The Irish Times website.  

How to set the right goal and get running

Mary tells us how to look at what what we want to achieve and how to put a plan in place around this. Have you a training diary full of runs or is it just a list of excuses? This article first appeared in The Irish Times in February 2016. You can read the full

Your Running Shoes – Lacing, Washing and Replacing

They have been with you on good runs and bad runs, sunny days and storms. You have probably spent a lot of money on these lovely shoes, more than you might ever spend single pair of going out shoes. From washing your shoes right to lacing them correctly, you can really get the best value

Discover the benefits of a running buddy

Mary tells us how a running buddy could be just what we need to get our motivation going. Most running buddies don’t even start out as friends. They meet in work, at the school gate, at a running group or race event. They start running together for that extra bit of motivation. Over time they

Running Chick Hoodies

Everyone was jealous of the lovely hoodies our coaches wear, so we have decided to design some just for you, our Running Chicks and Chick Magnets. The Spring/Summer 2016 season brings with it our Brand New ForgetTheGym Hoodies. All hoodies pre-ordered in Jan 2016 are now ready for collection from 6th February. If you didn’t

Get Running: You are ready for the massive reward

Mary tells us how our running itself can be the reward of all our hard work. Calling yourself a runner. Realising the benefits you get from simply lacing up and heading out the door. Talk to any runner. They will tell you that nothing beats that post-run feeling; positivity, energy and a sense that you

How to get off the couch, get moving and stay moving

Mary helps us set some realistic goals to simply move a little more in January. But its not only relevant to new years resolutions. If you have been inactive for any period of time, get up and get out today. 1This article first appeared in The Irish Times in January 2016. You can read the

Cold Weather Running Gear

The cold weather has hit, and its time to dig out the box of winter running gear and the layers and ‘Where did I leave those gloves?’ As the cold snap sets in its so easy to think of just staying on the couch in the evening and not going for your run. Here are

10 fit destinations

One of the highlights of the Forget The Gym calendar is our escape to Beaujolais in November for a run through the vineyards. Its certainly no surprise it made it onto Sandra O’Connels top 10 fitness destinations travel column in The Irish Times. This article was first published in The Irish Times Travel supplement in

12 Months of Running – April

‘A grand stretch in the evenings’ – all the more reason to sign up to an event this April. Plenty of mid week training runs and full classes of daylight, whats not to love about this time of year? So here are a few of our favourite races coming your way this month. Dunboyne 4

12 Months of Running – March

Be part of your own parade this March March is looking to be a great month of running this year with races almost every weekend. Not to mention the options of parkrun every Saturday.  Why not join us at St Anne’s Parkrun on March 12th when some of our newly graduated Running Chicks will complete

Time to Get Running one positive step at a time

Mary gives us some tips on how to get back into our running shoes after a long dark winter. You have to prioritise it if you want to feel the benefits. You have to make the decision that going for that run is more important than ticking something else off your to-do list. This article

12 Months of Running – February

What better way to get motivated to run a 5k either your first or 100th than a free one every Saturday in your local Park.  Although parkrun is on all year round (quite literally some of them even take place on Christmas Day) we have decided to focus our efforts in February to this wonderful

12 Months of running – January

Get inspired and motivated this January with our selection of our favourite races/events close to home. Tom Brennan Memorial 5k. The first race of the year is on January 1st, and despite the New Year celebrations it still draws a big crowd. 12 o’clock on New Year’s Day sees all the Lord Mayors Five Alivers & New Year

Win your class fees back

Sign up to our January Running Classes before December 31st and be in with a chance of getting your whole term of classes for FREE. How the competition works : On 1st January we will pick the lucky names from the list of people who have already registered. Each winner will get their €90 or

Christmas Gifts for Runners

Not sure what to buy the runner in your life this Christmas ?  Buy a gift voucher from ForgetTheGym which can be redeemed anytime in 2018. Here are some ideas of what you can get with your gift voucher :  For the new runner : Eur 90 :  Beginners Running Classes 8 Week Term.  (1

Xmas Lights Runs

Almost time for our Xmas Lights Runs. To mark the end of our Winter Term of Classes, all 2015 students are invited to join us : Mon 14th Dec : Dublin City Xmas Light Run – Leaving Docklands at 6.30pm Tues 15th Dec : Dublin City Xmas Light Run – Leaving Docklands at 7.00pm Tues

The greatness of the outdoors – 6 ways to put a spring in your step this winter

  In this article Mary gives us some tips on the best ways to motivate your self to get outdoors and get moving as well as some pretty good reasons to do it. Evidence is mounting that spending time outside will improve your energy, your mood and your mental health This article first appeared in

Our favorite running accessories

We are always being asked what clothing and gadgets runners should have. In truth, a good pair of runners and a good sports bra (for the ladies) is about all you need. But in order to make your run more comfortable, more enjoyable and just all round easier we have a few accessories that we

Irish Runner – Women against the tide

In the October / November Edition of The Irish Runner Magazine Mary was Interviewed along with 6 other Women working in the business of Running. First up Yvonne Brady of EVB Sport, followed byt Hannah Nolan of Why Weight Ireland and Catherina Mckiernan Next up Joanne Murphy from Tri Talking Sport and our very own

Buggy Run – Dublin 15

Have you struggled to get back out running after having your baby? Mums, it’s so difficult to find the time and the motivation to go for a run, so we have taken the planning out of your hands. What better way to get fit than with baby in tow. Come along and we will motivate

Summer Memories 2015

Where did the summer go? It has flown by, but thankfully we have so many lovely memories of morning runs, brunches, races, holidays, classes and fun times with the ForgetTheGym gang. Here are some of the highlights… At the Races In July we had a great bunch of our running chicks take on their first

Irish Runner – Fitness, Fun & Friendship

This piece summarises what we are all about. Every runner has a different journey and different priorities. In Oct/Nov 2015, The Irish Runner magazine wrote about some of our amazing Forget The Gym runners : our Running chicks and Chick Magnets as we like to call ourselves. The article took a spotlight on Susan Brodigan,

Running to the Beat – Using a Metronome

One of the best tools to help you practice your Chirunning Technique is to use a metronome when on the run. What is a metronome? The metronome is a little gadget that you can set to beep at regular intervals. Each time it beeps, you take a step. The metronome is one of the best

Claire and her metronome

What a wonderful story from one of our students Claire and her experience with Chirunning and her metronome. The Start: Three years ago I ran my first parkrun in Malahide. I ran it in 36:31. I was delighted to have run 5k non-stop and pretty pleased with my time. I then started to wonder if

Me and my Metronome – Aoife

Aoife is one of our running coaches at Forget the Gym, she started running in 2008 and has been hooked ever since. Only recently however has she taken a chance by leaving her watch at home and replacing it with a Chirunning metronome. Here she explains why. Dear Garmin, I love you, but…. For years

Run and Cook

Run and Cook with ForgetTheGym We are thrilled to team up with to host a series of Run and Cook Sunday Brunch events. Learn healthy and simple meals and snacks for runners. Meet other runners and enjoy a some time out with a funrun around the city,  a 2 hour cooking class, lots of

The outside world invites you to go for a walk

Mary understands that not everyone can run, and indeed not everyone wants to run. She gives some tips on how to get moving and out the door for a walk. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in September 2015. You can read the full article online here. 

Being a good running buddy when it really counts

  As running buddies we support each other. We run and chat through our problems and worries. We encourage our buddies through the miles when we don’t have the energy or the confidence. Most importantly we get each other out the door on the days where we would create an excuse if we were running alone.

A plank a day – Every day for a year

We are in awe of 5 ladies who have stuck to our daily challenge for 1 full year. Every single day they have completed the plank. Have a read of all their tips for keeping the habit, and learn about what motivates them to keep up the routine. Emma’s Story Hayley’s Story Grainne’s Story Tina’s

21 Days to Make a Habit

Now that we have completed 21 days of our 30 day Plank Challenge, apparently it should be a habit by now. But its not! I still forget to do it, and get annoyed when I have to get out of bed at night when I remember. There even was one night when I said ,

Your 1st Half Marathon – Race day

On race week the nerves get in the way and people do crazy things. So many of you listen to our tips each week at classes and workshops but seem to forget everything a few days before the race. Don’t be one of those people. Many thanks to Coach Aoife for putting together these wise

Emma Long – 365 Days of 1 minute Planks!

Emma has been very dedicated to the plank challenge and one of our students who have done 365 planks in the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit. When do you do your plank? I’ve a pretty busy work and home life, so the best time for me is

Úna Ní Chribín – 365 Day’s of 1 minute Planks!

Una has been very dedicated to the plank challenge and one of our students who have done 365 planks in the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit. When do you do your plank? The plank is first thing I do in the morning. I got into that

Hayley Morris – 365 Day’s of 1 minute Planks!

Hayley has been very dedicated to the plank challenge and one of our students who have done 365 planks in the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit. When do you do your plank? I do my plank at 7pm everyday while I’m watching Hollyoaks on E4. Unless

Tina Johnson – 365 Day’s of 1 minute Planks!

                  Tina is one of our very dedicated online students who has completed 365 planks over the last year. We have never met Tina in person so she has been purely motivated by our Facebook challenge. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the

Gráinne Mac Giolla Rí – 365 days of 1 minute Planks!

Grainne is one of our very diligent students who has completed 365 planks over the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit. When do you do your plank? I almost always do mine at the end of the day. Very often hopping out of bed when I’d forgotten

What’s on Autumn 2015

Come join us this Autumn. We have more classes, new Run+Cook Sunday Brunch, festive Xmas events, fun charity classes and a  running holiday to France. Something for everyone from beginner runners to marathoners, foodies to wine buffs and plenty laughs and fun while getting fit outdoors. Let us help keep you motivated this Autumn. Even

Your first run, if you feel like giving up give yourself 5 minutes

    Here Mary tells us how the first 5 minutes of your run are always the hardest and gives us some tips to get moving and active again. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in September 2015. You can read the full article online here.   

TheBigAsk Outdoor Fitness Weekend

Come join us for our funfilled weekend of  outdoor fitness classes on 11th-13th September. Open to Men and Women, let us help you kick start your weekend mornings, get moving, get outdoors and all while supporting Irish Hospice Foundation. We will be in Sandymount and Dublin Docklands with great options for beginners, improvers and everyone

September Plank Challenge

It’s been one year since we started this challenge. We can’t believe how many planks have been completed. We have had planks after races, on beaches on holidays, with rugby teams, in Disneyland, at Base Camp Everest, on the Great Wall of China, poolside, in playgrounds, in parks, by the fire, at the Taj Mahal,

Why Running is a lot like Laundry

We procrastinate about everything in our life and running is no different. In this article Mary Jennings gives us some tips on how to prioritise our running. ‘Running often drops down the list of priorities as no one asks loudly for it to be done right now. No one else suffers when you skip your

Irish Runner – How running changed my life

In June / July issue of The Irish Runner Mary is interviewed about her first ever Marathon.  Mary talks about the setbacks she experienced before race day and how her perspective on everything changed once she crossed that finish line. You can read Mary’s thoughts on the run that changed everything here. 

Run Free : leave your watch and your ego at home

Mary tells us some of the benefits to running free. Without any pressure for time or pace sometimes we forget how much we love running as we are constantly pushing ourselves. Leave it all at home and just enjoy running again. Dont allow running to be another stress in your life. This article first appeared in

Dublin Marathon 2016. Tempted?

Is ‘run a marathon’ on your bucket list? If you can run 8k-10k comfortably and can commit to 16 weeks (4 runs per week) of training, we will get you to the marathon finish line; smiling, happy and delighted with yourself. Train with Forget the Gym for Dublin Marathon : For Dublin Marathon 2016, we

What’s on this Summer

Our full schedule of Classes, Workshops, Holidays and Surprises. Let us help you get motivated and stay inspired all summer long. Check out all we have on this summer: Our Summer 2015 Calendar    

Longer evenings, longer runs and time to think about a half-marathon

Mary gives us an insight into what is involved in training for your first half Marathon. Realistically, you should consider doing a half-marathon only if you have been running 8km to 10km comfortably for at least six months, are injury free and willing to prioritise running for the next 12 weeks. This article first appeared

Tricep Dips for Everyone

Your triceps are the muscles at the top back of your arms. We will show you 3 variations on this exercise to help you strengthen and tone these muscles. Some of you may also have referred to  your triceps as your ‘bingo wings’! Level 1 – Knees Bent Have a look at our Tricep Dip

Side Planks for Everyone

Follow our step-by-step guide to help you do sideplanks correctly and safely. Start out with Level 1 and only progress to the next level when you become confident and comfortable with 1 minute at that level. The Side Plank is a slight variation to the regular plank. This exercise focuses on the core but also

Lunges for Everyone

Follow our step-by-step guide to help you do lunges correctly and safely. Start out with Level 1 and only  progress to the next level when you become confident and comfortable with 1 minute at that level. Why should we lunge? Lunges work on the major muscle groups in your legs, your quadriceps and hamstrings. They

Push-up Challenge Stage 5 – Floor Pushups

Are you ready to move to the floor? Once you are comfortable at Stage 4 for 1 minute on the 1st step of stairs, only then should you consider moving to the ground. Be patient with these and take lots of breaks. It’s easy to do them incorrectly if you don’t focus on technique. How

Push-ups for Everyone

Don’t tell us you can’t do push-ups. You can. It’s just starting at the right level and gradually progressing. There is a push-up level for everyone. You can do a push-up from  the wall, on a countertop, on steps of a stairs or on the ground. Working the correct muscles in your push-ups is more

1 Minute Plank – Choose your level

Whatever level you are at with the Plank exercise, you can adapt it to  get a great workout in 1 minute. It is so important to build up gradually and slowly. Don’t attempt the more advanced levels until you are very comfortable at the initial levels.  Level 1 : Plank on Knees Starting on your

10 Years Ago Today….

I ran my first marathon 10 years ago today – London Marathon 2005. I just wish I had written a training log entry for that day. At the time I expected it to be my only marathon, a once in a lifetime experience. Somehow, 10 years on, I’m delighted and surprised to say coaching people

Push-up Challenge Stage 3+4 – Steps of stairs

Moving a little closer towards the ground Only when you are comfortable at 20  Counter/Table Pushups non stop should you even consider moving to this Stage 3. In Stage 3 we use the 3rd step of a stairs as our guide…. Don’t rush into this stage: It is much better to stay at Stage 2

Where will you run to this summer?

If you have lost your running enthusiasm Mary tells us here that sometimes a new route can be the shake up you need for a new challenge. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in May 2015 . You can read the full article online here.

Push-up Challenge – Stage 2

Are you ready for the next level ? Take a look at our Counter/Table Pushup video which gives you all the tips for your Stage 2 PushUp. Let’s aim to do as many as you can in 1 minute. Take breaks whenever you need to. This is a big change from Stage 1 so make

From coach to runner

This is a blog post by our Running Coach Anne Jennings who is currently training for the Connemara 39.3 mile Ultramarathon where she talks of her training and being on the other side of the fence as the ‘runner’ rather than the ‘coach’. The running steps to Connemara December 2014 and the FTG coaches get

Push Up Challenge – Stage 1 – Wall Pushups

Are you ready to get started ?  Take a look at our Wall Pushup video which gives you all the tips for your Wall PushUp. Let’s aim to do as many Wall Pushups as you can in 1 minute. Take breaks whenever you need to.   How to do a Wall Pushup : Stand 3

Sneak Preview of our April Challenge

Most of us are a lot stronger in our legs and lower body than our upper body. We shy away from upper body work. But that’s all about to change. Don’t be scared, we won’t have you lifting heavy weights and hanging out of bars. Instead, we are going to start at the basics and

Irish Runner – Running on Air

In the Februrary March issure of the Irish Runner our Running Chick Hayley talks about her experience with running and how changing her technique by coming to our classes has helped give her a new life with asthma. Well done Hayley, we are so proud of you.  

The parkrun poem

It can be hard to describe what makes parkrun so addictive. Check out this most wonderful poem from one of our Running Chicks which really captures the spirit of parkrun. The Parkrun Poem The alarm rings loudly with a sound I hate Telling me to get up or I will be late But it’s wet,

40 Days and 40 nights….

As kids we had such discipline to give up chocolate and crisps for Lent. We kept our promises and build up pennies in our cardboard Trocaire Boxes. Why does it seem harder as an adult ? Lent starts today and we have 40 days until Easter Sunday. If you know you won’t last a week

In Front of TV Exercises

No Time for Exercise? Surely you have just 1 Minute. You can have this workout done during the advert break of your favourite TV programme. No more couch potato. Lets get moving. Start small with our 1 minute a day plank routine and build yourself up to our 5 minute routines. 1 minute Routine –

Week 8: 2 months later, you are a runner

Mary Jennings gives some great ideas as to how to keep your running going once you have reached the Milestone of 30 minutes. This article first published in the Irish Times in Febuary 2015. You can read the full version online here.

Irish Runner – Woman in step with the times

Mary talks about ForgetTheGym, how she started running, her plans for future, running holidays and the success of her partnership with The Irish Times Get Running. Mary talks more about her own training, running holidays and the community of runners at ForgetTheGym. (thanks Emma for the photo) You can check our the full text of

Clontarf Meeting Point

Click on the link to view the map and directions to our Clontarf meeting point clontarfdirections

Docklands Meeting Point

Click on the link for map and direction to our Docklands Meeting Point docklandsdirections

Sandymount Meeting Point

Check out a map and directions to our Sandymount Meeting Point sandymountdirections

New Clontarf Meeting Point

Click on the link below to a map to our new clontarf meeting point : clontarfdirections  

Pop Up Classes

Join us as we kickstart our 2015 schedule with some FREE Pop-Up classes this week. These classes are suitable for anyone who has let their running slip over the winter and need a bit of a kick to get moving again. So far we have a midweek and a weekend pop up class. Come along.

Sneak Preview of 2015 at ForgetTheGym

As always, we are always planning ahead, and wanted to share with your our plans for 2015 and give you an opportunity to suggest new ideas for workshops, classes and events. So far, here is what our calendar looks like. We are working on some other new projects which will be added to the list

The voices of sweet experience

Now into its 2nd year the get running programme with the Irish Times get some feedback from those who completed it first time. Taking a look at where they are now and how running has changed their life. If you are looking for some motivation to get started well worth reading these success stories. This

5 FREE Ways to get motivated and moving in January

It’s the time of year when we have the best of intentions but are tight on finances after the Christmas season. Here are 5 things that you can do that are completely FREE whatever level of fitness you feel you are at. 1. ForgetTheGym Facebook  challenge Join our ‘5 Minute a Day’ January Challenge to

ForgetTheGym January Challenge

Join us for 5 minutes a day this January to knock the Christmas season out of you. There is no point starting out in January with unrealistic expectations of what you will achieve. Start small and stick to it. Our coach Aoife returns to fitness after the birth of Baby Eleanor this October and will

Hayley’s Story

Hayley’s Story What a difference a year makes. Hayley’s story is inspiring for anyone moving to a new location, getting motivated and in particular running with asthma. Well done Hayley, it’s great to have you in the gang of running chicks : here’s to the year ahead. “This time last year when planning my relocation

What happened in Beaujolais…

From the  vineyard trail paths to the crowded rue Nationale at the finishline, the Marathon du Beaujolais is a spectacular of another kind. It never fails to surprise, to bring a smile to a face, to lift spirits and build friendships and motivation for another year of running. It’s a day that you dont want

Photos from Beaujolais 2014

So many memories, it’s hard to narrow them down, but here are some of the smiles, laughs and fun we had. Have a read of the full Beaujolais 2014 Blog too… Or a look at one of our videos : Our 2014 Highlights…       Have a read of the full Beaujolais 2014 Blog

Running and Food Getaway

Need a holiday ? Our 2015 Running Holidays are now open for booking. We are heading back to Co Clare to the wonderful Cliffs of Moher Retreat Choose from 4 Days St Patrick’s Weekend in March, or a Week Long Gourmet Running Holiday in May. Very limted places on both holidays. Please let us know

No newsletter since August?

Ooooooppps, the autumn has passed and its 3 months since we sent a ‘monthly newsletter’. From weddings to workshops, pregnancy to planking, marathons to media , we have plenty of excuses. Take a look below at what has been keeping us all busy…. A Running Hen… It all started early September when I got the

Youve run the course now reap the rewards

Mary is looking back over the 8 week Get Running program and encouraging everyone to reward themselves for all their hard work. Here is my final piece of advice. Treat yourself at the end of this programme. You could maybe invest in an item of running gear, go for a sports massage, or even treat

Irish Runner – Planning makes perfect for the Marathon

In the October / November edition of The Irish Runner Mary gives some tips on planning for the Marathon. Mary talks about how getting your head in the right place can help you get to the start line in perfect condition.

Remembering to Plank

It’s day 60 of our ‘Plank a Day’ Challenge. What I have come to realise is that it’s not the Plank that is the problem, it is my head. I STILL forget to do the plank some days. Occasionally, I have had to drag myself out of bed to do it. On a few days,

Treat yourself to injury-free running

Mary provides some tips how to stay injury free while continuing to run. At the end of this programme you will have run 100km. It’s time to look after your body. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in October 2014. You can read the full article online here.

Events and Races Winter 2014

Need a challenge for the Winter. Take a look at the upcoming races and events this Winter. You are significantly more likely to get out the door on a dark wet evening to go for a run if you have an upcoming race. Pick your favourites and we will be out to support at many

Changes to Class Timetable for 1 week in November

Due to some unforeseen events we are going to have to cancel and reschedule a couple of evenings on the week from the 4th November. We will add an additional week to the end of the term to make up for this inconvenience. We really apologise for this change in timetable, but we hope we

Chin Up, sprints high, legs strong

In this article Mary talks about running Mantra’s and tricks to help you get through even the toughest of runs.   This article first appeared in The Irish Times in October 2014. You can read the full article online here. 

Maiden Marathon – Settle in, relax and enjoy

In this article first published in The Irish times in October 2014 Mary gives you 10 tips to help with race day for your first Marathon.   You can read the full article online here. 

Four Weeks in : time for a 5k challenge

Mary entices those in Week 4 of the ‘Stay on Track’ programme with some speed training mid week and the challenge of a 5k. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in October 2014. You can read the full article online here. 

Wow, what a success. Over 3500 minutes of planks….

What started out as a little bit of motivation to get us all doing our ‘plank a day’ on the 1st September has resulted on at least 3,500 planks completed this month.  We would have been happy with people doing their plank in front of the telly, but as the month progressed, people got a

Breath easily, run faster, write freely and practise

In this article Mary tells us the benefits of keeping a training diary from when you start your training as very soon you will have forgotten it all. I see it all the time: people have great intentions of keeping a training diary, but never get the time to do it. This article first appeared

Make a date with your training diary

Mary talks us through the benefits of scheduling runs and being accountable to a training diary to improve your running routing. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in September 2014. You can read the full article online here. 

You always feel better after a run: you just need to get started

In this article Mary explains that no one ever regrets a run, once you lace up and get going every step thereafter gets easier. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in September 2014. You can read the full article online here.    Mary introduces The Irish Times Stay on Track programme for anyone

10 Days of Planks Complete

Our Plank a Day Challenge has really taken off. 10 days in and we already have over 230 signed up, with well over 100 of you each day completing the plank. Are you one of them ? If so, well done. If not, Sign up here! Having a video to play to guide you through

30 minutes free this September?

Our coach Anne took on an exercise challenge for Lent of 40 exercises for 40 days. Not for the faint hearted, but we have asked her to go back to basics and she has now has a challenge for you all…. Can you spare just ONE minute a day? Think you could do it? Well

Gotta Getta Garmin

In the market for a running watch? Coach Lorraine has taken a look at her favourite Garmin watches. There are so many out there to choose from, making it hard to decide on the one that suits your needs best. They all provide the functions of recording your run with GPS, time, distance, pace and

Your Autumn of Running…

It’s time to start thinking about your Autumn of running.  Here are 5 Simple Steps to help you get moving. You know how quickly the weeks go by, so now is the time to plan what you want to do this autumn, and then decide how to get there. Step 1: Decide what you are

A surprise guest at Clontarf Class

As our last class of summer term in Clontarf, we headed for Dollymount Strand.  After two weeks of glorious weather and free classes all across the city, we didnt think it was possible that Clontarf could match some of the memories we had already created earlier in the week. Little did we know that at

A Dublin Historical Running Tour (without the history)

It’s about time I brushed up on my Dublin history. Last night we ran past so many of the famous sites of our city, from St Patricks Cathedral to Dublin Castle, Merrion Square to St Stephens Green. Between all 25 of us, we still couldn’t remember enough history to sound remotely knowledgeable. What we really

A running chick with a bump – Pregnancy and Running

Running and Pregnancy  – You can read lots online but what better than the real life experience of our instructor Aoife. She has a great blog and will continue to add to it in the coming weeks and months. Here is her story so far… Can I still run ? In January when I first

A Perfect Sunday Morning

Our weekend mystery running tour : Running is such an amazing way to explore – at home and abroad. Often in class we explore the city streets and parks. This weekend however, it was time to go slightly further afield. A running mystery tour to the south side of the city. 25 minutes away on

Duncan’s Story

I started running 2 years ago with the main desire to keep in shape. I ran my first race, a 10 miler in September 2012 and was immediately smitten. 2013 would be the year I would run the Dublin marathon. The training really started early in the year with 5 and 10ks but running a

Nickie’s Story

3 years older, but 10 years younger …. Last year I asked Nickie how she was feeling about her running. She turned to me and mentioned that it was 2 years since she started Forget The Gym Classes. “I’m 2 years old but 10 years younger”. That stuck with me – and one more year

Pack your runners along with your passport

  Holidays are about rest and relaxation, for alot of runners our running time is our relaxation. So, Why not bring your runners along with you? In this article Mary Jennings give us some tips on how to incorporate a run into our holiday ‘routine’ and how to combat all the excuses we currently have for not running

Its decision time: are you motivated to run a marathon?

If you are prepared to prioritise your running for the next 17 weeks you will be able to smile at the finish line. In this article Mary talks about the best way to come to the decision of running the Marathon before you sign up and before you start the training. You can read the

Maebh’s Story

I joined Forget the Gym in 2012 and I signed up for two classes a week, Beach fit and Fun Run. I quickly loved the classes and then discovered the added bonus of the social side of FTG. During that summer I signed up for lots of fun runs and it was great to be

Alice’s Story

I was always quite active but was certainly not a runner. In fact I was pretty sure I didn’t even want to be a runner. Then I broke my leg very thoroughly in a skiing accident in 2002. The doctor casually mentioned that there was a chance that I wouldn’t walk properly again – before

Rosie’s Story

Rosie’s Running Story : How I ended up peeing on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris in the middle of the day. I was never a runner, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to run, I wanted to but I simply couldn’t run. My early memories of running was taking part in community games as

Louise’s Story

Louise’s Marathon Story : It was in March 2012 that I decided that I needed to be healthier and fit. My brother had just completed the Dublin Marathon the year previous so he had inspired me to try running. One evening after work I went out and ran for five minutes. To this day I

Emeline’s Story

Dublin Marathon 2013 – Emeline’s Story –   “Last summer, I joined Forget The Gym, for the Dublin Marathon Coaching programme. Though I was  running regularly, I was far from being confident in my abilities and I did have  a “go with the flow” approach! No watch, time or distance goals, just enjoying being out

Use your arms to help you run uphill

Mary gives us an insight into Chi Running techniques to help improve our uphill running and stop is avoiding hills during our run. Lots of runners approach hills with dread but by using your arms you can learn to enjoy the uphill struggle This article first appeared in the Irish Times in October 2014  you

Emma’s Story

Its hard to believe that 1 year ago Emma was a nervous beginner at our Clontarf Beginners Running class. What’s so impressive is her change in attitude, confidence, strength and dresssize,  all thanks to her dedication to running. Emma is now truly an inspiration to our new students both in Clontarf and also at the

Making Running Hills Easier

Many runners fear (or avoid) hills… They arrive at the top of a hill breathless with their legs burning. They spend the entire hill wishing they were at the top. But imagine hills feeling easy. Imagine looking forward to hills. With ChiRunning Technique, you can take some of the pain and pressure out of running

Why Exercise in the Morning?

Its 8am and we have just finished our 7am morning class. 1 hour ago we were all half asleep but now everyone is buzzing. There is something about exercising in the morning that makes you feel that little bit more proud of yourself. You know it would have been very easy to press snooze on

Keep with the programme ; your top running questions answered

During the get running 10k programme Mary hosted many questions and answer sessions online. This article went through some of the top questions on breathing, pacing yourself, and motivation. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in April 2014. You can read the full article online here. 

Cliffs of Moher Running Retreat

A dream running weekend? My perfect weekend includes good food, nice scenery, a comfy bed, fresh air, good company and a chance to run and explore somewhere new. Surely if that’s my ideal, there must be more people who would fancy the same escape. For about 2 years now I have been talking about creating a

Free Bonus Events for our Summer Students

Join us for 2 fun filled weeks of running social events as a treat for everyone who look part in our Summer Class Term. The events are also free for anyone who has taken part in any of our workshops or private running coaching lessons this summer. Our 2 weeks of fun running take place

Your Summer of Running

Where will your running take you this summer ? It’s time to start thinking about your summer of running. You know how quickly the weeks go by, so now is the time to plan what you want to do this summer, and then decide how to get there. Here are 5 Simple Steps to make

You should all be so proud of what you have achieved

After the great success of The Irish Times get running programme John Collins introduces the next phase of the programme,   Mary congratulates those that have achieved so much over the last 8 weeks and encourages more to come on board. Some lovely pictures that capture the moment of the first 5k and plenty more

Amphibian King Ashtown

Special offer on running gear. Do you need some new running gear ? Time to change your running shoes ? Looking for a birthday present for a runner ? We are delighted to say that Amphibian King in Ashtown are offering the following discounts to all ForgetTheGym Students, past and present. What is the Discount?

Bye Bye Asics Skyspeed……..

Yes, I admit I was a little nervous buying new runners.I have bought about 7 pairs of the same shoe over the last few years,  and I love them.  However, they have been discontinued, so its time to move on. Sob. I feel guilty, these shoes have been everywhere with me. This pair are my lucky marathon

Tips for Buying new Runners

Every week in class, I get asked these questions.. Should I buy online, in a sports shop, in a running specialist shop? How do I know I have the right pair for my feet ? What is the best brand of runners to buy ? How much should I pay for a new pair ? When

Running in Milan

What a weekend we just had in Milan. Many thanks to everyone who came with us for making my job so easy.  Milan has both a relay marathon and a full marathon. We had 8 people (2 relay team) and 4 running the full marathon – a lovely group of 12. As none of us

What is Chirunning

ChiRunning – Taking the Pain out of Running As runners, we are often given well meaning advice from non-runners: ‘You shouldn’t run so much, it’s bad for your joints’. With over 40% of runners getting some form of injury every year, maybe they have a point. ChiRunning is a running technique focused on reducing the

Springtime at Forget The Gym

The evenings are getting longer, the days are that little bit warmer, it’s time to get back outdoors. Let us inspire you with our upcoming running classes, workshops, events and holidays. Mary’s Running Retreat: Join Mary at her Cliffs of Moher Running Retreat in May. If you enjoy fresh air, good food, a comfy bed

Milan Relay Marathon

Milan, Italy, April 6th 2014. Would you like to be part of a Marathon, but not run the whole distance ? Come with us to Milan, and on the 6th April take part in the Relay Marathon. How it works : In a team of 4 you will cover the marathon distance as follows :

Top 10 ForgetTheGym Memories of 2013

We asked you for your  favourite 2013 running memories.Thanks for everyone for your feedback. We have looked through all the responses and come up with your 10 favourites…. 1. Classes in the Heatwave A long summer of outdoor classes where we felt like we were all in California.   2. Saturday Mornings The Long Run

Get running with The Irish Times

Mary’s Get running programme with The Irish Times was launched in January 2014. This article details why the programme was started and what it involves.   You can see the full Get Running programme here. 

Get Running with the Irish Times

Exciting times for ForgetTheGym as we are delighted to be chosen by the Irish Times to be their  Running Experts for their new Get Running Programmes. Mary will be delivering the programmes Online – through video, weekly emails, and on online forums. The Beginners Running Programme kicked off in January 2014, and takes people from

Running Resolutions….

I have taken a few weeks off running myself this December (and have survived surprisingly well), so much so, I think I could get used to this lazy lifestyle. So just like you, I fear I may struggle to get going again in the new year – especially with the dark and dreary weather. So

Xmas Lights and Mulled Wine Runs

It’s that time of the year again where we take our running less seriously and enjoy the buzz of the Xmas scene while running through the city. We will leave our meeting points and cover about 5k distance with stops along the way for exercises, but also make pitstops at the Christmas Market, along Shopping

Pat’s Story

  Pat attended our Chirunning workshop early in 2013. Having spent many years running, he associated running with pain, tension and general hard work! How delighted was I to get this email from him following his Connemara Marathon in April 2013.  A combination of several things made for a great marathon experience, well within my

Deirdre’s Story

Below is the story of Deirdre, one of our students. At 16 Stone, Deirdre decided to give our Learn-to-Run programme a try. It is hard not to be inspired and motivated by her story, her attitude and her success. So, sitting on my couch one night, surfing the net I saw an offer for a

Denise’s Story

From being a nervous Beginner in our Learn-to-Run Class in 2011, Denise has now become a ForgetTheGym regular at classes and events. From Dublin to Beaujolais, Clontarf to Paris, we are so proud of Denise and all she has achieved in the past few years. Well done Denise. 2 marathons down and thinking of a

Happy Birthday Malahide Parkrun

I love Parkrun. As a runner, a coach, a volunteer or even just a facebook follower, Parkrun works. I would go as far as saying Parkrun the best thing to happen to running in Ireland in the last year. People think because I am a running coach I have endless motivation to get up and

Lapsed Runners – Nov Plans

Do you really struggle to get yourself moving in the dark evenings ? For the month of November, you can join us for our last 4 weeks of classes for 2013. November Prices :  1 class per week – 4 Weeks plus Training Programmes and Support : Eur 50. 2 classes per week – 4

It’s Dublin Marathon Week

It that time of the year again and we are all getting excited (and a bit nervous) about the week ahead.As a special treat for all you runners  (and supporters) this year, we are going to post lots of Hints, Tips, Motivation and Inspiration each day this week. You can see the full details of

Countdown to our French Trip

Our Running Holiday to the Beaujolais Wine and Running Festival is approaching fast… With 55 of the gang registered to go, it will be our biggest year yet. We are fully sold out with over 10 people on waiting list, so sorry if you have missed out this time. To read more about the trip,

Oct/Nov Class Schedule

Our Autumn Term is up and running (literally). If you have missed the start date (7th Oct), and would like to join us – no problem. Check out the Class Timetable and Send me an Email and we can work out the best class for you. This is out last term for 2013, so get

Aoife’s Story

Many of you know Aoife as one of our very enthuasiastic, inspiring and motivating coaches. However you may not know the journey she has taken to become who she is today. Having lost 6 stone herself over the past few years, Aoife can relate to all of us who struggle with self-belief and motivation. It

Sinead’s Story

Sinead joined our Beginners Running Classes 2 years ago. From her first class of 1 minute jogs right up to completing the Dublin Marathon in 2012 she has surprised even herself with her determination, focus and hardwork. In her own words ‘It made me realise ‘I cant’ does not belong in my vocabulary. A marathon

Eimear’s Story

One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is witnessing how our students and coaches continually inspire eachother. This is Eimear’s story. The running journey is not always easy, and Eimear is motivated by our coach Aoife’s Story when she has her challenging days I saw Aoife at the parkrun at Griffeen at the

Mary’s Story

Most people who start out running have no idea how long a marathon even is. Mary was one such lady. You should see her now. Not only has she completed Dublin Marathon, but has since completed Limerick Marathon, and I have a funny feeling that wont be her last….. 2 years ago I began Beginners

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Exercise your body, not your wallet.

In this article Mary is interviewed by one of our very own ‘Running Chicks’ Emma Kennedy about the how popular exercising outdoors is and how the move is now away from gyms. Who better to quote on this one than the founder of Forget The Gym, Mary Jennings. This article first appeared in the Personal

Change your mind to get fit

In the build up to the Womens Mini Marathon in 2012 Mary was interviewed by Fi0nola Meredith and contributed to this article about women needing to change their mindset towards fitness.   This article first appeared in The Irish Times in May 2012. You can read the full article online here. 

Get outside for a spring awakening

Forget The Gym is listed as one of the great ways to be active outdoors this spring. This article first appeared in The Irish Times in March 2012. You can read the full article online here. 

Keeping fit can be a walk in the park

One of our Running Chicks Norma is interviewed here about her experiences with Forget The Gym and a few words from Mary also on how Forget The Gym all started. This article was first published in the Irish Independent in January 2011. You can read the full article online here. re.

Witness a different type of personal fitness – The Sunday Business Post

This article was written by Emma Kennedy who is a current Forget the Gym running Chick. It was originally published in The Sunday Business post in May 2009, one of Forget The Gym’s first official media pieces. Witness a different type of personal fitness BY BY EMMA KENNEDY ON MAY 9, 2009 Gyms can be daunting places for those

The Irish Times – Women on the run

In the build up to the Dublin Marathon in 2007 Mary was interviewed by The Irish Times about women in running and how people get started with running. You can read the full article online here. 

Post Natal Fitness – Looking back at year 1

As Mary’s son turns one she reflects back on the first year of his life and her fitness levels and goals. What she learned through her journey of prenatal fitness. She talks about the benefits of tracking progress in a diary as it is very hard to remember where you started and how far you have


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Our workshops take place at the Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, beside the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin Docklands.

Chirunning events take place outdoors in local parks or at your club or venue.

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