Buggy Run – Dublin 15

Have you struggled to get back out running after having your baby?

Aoife Lunge

Mums, it’s so difficult to find the time and the motivation to go for a run, so we have taken the planning out of your hands. What better way to get fit than with baby in tow. Come along and we will motivate you to get moving. Get out and get some fresh air for you and for baby.

If you need an extra bit of motivation or even just a group support then look no further.

This class is focused on exercising with your baby/child in Buggy. We will cover a mixture of running with buggy as well as exercises that you can do with your buggy, including how to best run with your buggy to avoid injuring yourself. You should be comfortable running 10 – 15 mins with or without buggy.

We meet every Monday (bank holidays excluded) at 10am in carpenterstown, beside the Carpenter Pub, Dublin 15. The class lasts for 1 hour.

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For more information and our FAQ please take a look here.

This class is focused on exercising with your baby/child in Buggy. We focus on running and exercises with the buggy and can also provide you with a training program that you can work on outside of class.

Come along any Monday for a trial class, you will be required to fill out a health check form before you commence class. Ensure you have full clearance from your doctor 6 weeks post natural delivery and 12 weeks post C-Section.


Trial class 15 euro / 6 class Pack 70 euro (can be used over 10 weeks)

You can make payment for trial class when you arrive.

To register call or text 0876137049 or email slater.aoife@gmail.com.

Success Stories

Here are what some of our students have had to say about the class so far.

I found Buggy running fantastic. I always wanted to run but never thought I could and Aoife gave me the confidence and belief that I could do it. Without the class I know I wouldn’t have had the motivation to keep it up. Have surprised even myself and my toddler enjoyed coming along for the ride. Only problem now is when out for a walk he shouts “faster mummy” at me! – Janelle 


Anyone who knows me know’s I wouldn’t run for a bus, I love exercise  just not running but the idea of learning to run with other mammies in the same boat as myself and a class where I don’t have to find someone to watch the baby sounded like it might be worth the attempt !! I love it !! My baby sleeps while I run then sits and watches the post run routine! I’m feeling great in myself and so proud of what I have achieved so far! #agoodtrainerslikeagoodbra #alittlesupportmakesabigdifference –  Jenni


I used to try and run before. I would struggle to maybe fifteen minutes and not enjoy it at all. And after having the baby it was tough to get out at all. But being able to get out with other mums and have the proper structure and motivation I’m really enjoying it and noticing a big difference in my fitness and my clothes size also. – Patricia

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