Our plans for 2023

We have so much to look forward to in 2023. Come join us as we commit to getting outside, moving our body and feeling fabulous. Choose from the following: 

Beginners Running : Get Running with our 7 week programme that takes you from walking right up to running for 30 minutes. Follow along virtually and if you are in Dublin, come join us in person too. Starts 5th March. Find out more

Ladies Running Classes : Our Spring running coaching term of classes by the seaside in Dublin starts on 5th March. If you need running motivation, a little focus and a fun and non competitive environment, this is especially for you.  See Timetable

Virtual Coaching : If you can't join us in person the next best thing is to come join us online. Our virtual coaching runs alongside our class terms and has weekly videos, a growing library of virtual classes as well as training plans and plenty inspiration to keep you motivated and accountable. See Spring Virtual Coaching. 

Popup Classes: We will have a series of fun, social pop-up classes for those who are part of our ForgetTheGym community. These will include everything from hikes to funruns with the focus on going somewhere different and making getting outdoors enjoyable. 

Marathon Coaching: Mary's Marathon Coaching programme will kick off end of June with an eye on a marathon day in October 2022. If you want to run a marathon, enjoy the training and feel prepared and confident on race day, this is for you. Find out more about marathon coaching.

Running Retreats: Check out all our exotic running escapes and get an idea of what we offer. Delighted to report we return to our 3 favourite places this year : 

A few extras : We are (still) working on our brand new members website and thank you so much to all the guinea pigs who trialed out courses on it in 2022. It's coming soon we promise! We also have plans to have some more 1 day events in the fresh air and once we are out of the winter we will put some dates in the diary for these. Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for all the updates and some new challenges and meetups we will be having as the months go on. 

Keep on Track: Remember, if you need running motivation, remember we have lots of resources for runners:

Wishing you all the very best for a wonderful 2023 x