Our plans for 2022

We have so much to look forward to this spring and summer. See our full calendar.

Choose from the following: 

Ladies Running Classes : Our May/June running coaching term has started. Come join us midterm if you have missed the start date. We will start a new 'mini' summer term in July.

Marathon Coaching: Our next Marathon Coaching programme will start in June 2022 with an eye on a marathon day in October 2022. Find out more about our marathon coaching.

Running Retreats: We are excited to announce two new and exciting running getaways this summer to Bere Island in West cork. (August is sold out, but we have a few spots for July). See all our running escapes for 2022.

Running Technique Workshops: Mary's 2 hour feel better running workshops are suitable for runners of all levels. We cover all the tips to help make your running feel easier, more enjoyable and avoid injury. 

Popup Classes: We will have a series of fun, social pop-up classes for those who are part of our ForgetTheGym community. These will be everything from hikes to funruns with the focus on going somewhere different! 

Race Calendar: If you need some inspiration, we have put together a race calendar for you. 

Keep on Track: If you need running motivation, remember we have lots of resources for runners:

Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for all the updates. 

Remember you can see a list of all our upcoming events here.