Aoife’s Tips for running in the heat

Whether you are running on holiday or enjoying a heatwave at home, when exercising in the heat there are 2 basics to keep in mind; hydration and sun protection. Anything beyond that will just make you more comfortable on your run. Water, water and more water Firstly you need to make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the hot weather … Read More

Running shops in Dublin

We often get asked where in Dublin to buy running shoes. Between running shoes and all those extra running essentials, there is such a selection of wonderful specialist running shops these days. Rather than have you spend your time researching, we have contacted the Dublin shops directly and asked them for more details on what they provide. Have a read … Read More

Your Running Shoes – Lacing, Washing and Replacing

They have been with you on good runs and bad runs, sunny days and storms. You have probably spent a lot of money on these lovely shoes, more than you might ever spend single pair of going out shoes. From washing your shoes right to lacing them correctly, you can really get the best value from your running shoes by … Read More

Running Chick Hoodies

Everyone was jealous of the lovely hoodies our coaches wear, so we have decided to design some just for you, our Running Chicks and Chick Magnets. The Spring/Summer 2016 season brings with it our Brand New ForgetTheGym Hoodies. All hoodies pre-ordered in Jan 2016 are now ready for collection from 6th February. If you didn’t respond to our emails or … Read More

Cold Weather Running Gear

The cold weather has hit, and its time to dig out the box of winter running gear and the layers and ‘Where did I leave those gloves?’ As the cold snap sets in its so easy to think of just staying on the couch in the evening and not going for your run. Here are a few tips to keep … Read More

Our favorite running accessories

We are always being asked what clothing and gadgets runners should have. In truth, a good pair of runners and a good sports bra (for the ladies) is about all you need. But in order to make your run more comfortable, more enjoyable and just all round easier we have a few accessories that we just love. And who doesn’t … Read More

Gotta Getta Garmin

In the market for a running watch? Coach Lorraine has taken a look at her favourite Garmin watches. There are so many out there to choose from, making it hard to decide on the one that suits your needs best. They all provide the functions of recording your run with GPS, time, distance, pace and calorie details, with some offering … Read More

Amphibian King Ashtown

Special offer on running gear. Do you need some new running gear ? Time to change your running shoes ? Looking for a birthday present for a runner ? We are delighted to say that Amphibian King in Ashtown are offering the following discounts to all ForgetTheGym Students, past and present. What is the Discount? 10% off all Running Shoes … Read More

Tips for Buying new Runners

Every week in class, I get asked these questions.. Should I buy online, in a sports shop, in a running specialist shop? How do I know I have the right pair for my feet ? What is the best brand of runners to buy ? How much should I pay for a new pair ? When should I replace them ? … Read More