Finally, It’s time to get back to the road races

Last December, in the midst of covid uncertainty, I booked a place in a January road race. With the novelty of virtual races long behind me, I had my fingers crossed that this large in-person event might actually go ahead. Of course, booking anything in advance came with a very big maybe. Who knows what another covid Christmas might bring … Read More

Why is it so hard to get motivated to start running?

I met a lady recently who told me she always reads my Irish Times running column but is not a runner herself. Curious, I asked her why. “I’m building up to it” she said. “I know running would do me good but I just can’t seem to get started. I hope someday I will”. So for this lady, and anyone … Read More

What is the best surface to run on?

When I started running, I always ran on footpaths and roads. I never really considered anywhere else. My local paths and roads were safe, even and well lit. Most races take place on city streets so I just assumed that I should train on a similar surface. It never actually entered my mind to run on grass, trail or sand. … Read More

15 ways to change up your usual 5k run.

One year on and we know every corner and pothole within our 5km radius. It’s completely understandable if your enthusiasm for running might be waning especially if every run you take on feels very similar to the last one. Although we can’t change where we run right now, we still do have the option to change how we approach each … Read More

Out of breath thinking of hill running? Follow my tips…

Mention hill running to most runners and they are out of breath just thinking about it. Most of us associate running uphill with effort, muscle soreness, breathlessness and fatigue. For this reason, many runners avoid hills in training and struggle on race day or on a new training route when they do encounter a hill they cannot avoid. A spectator’s … Read More

One week in the limelight

Sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and the week of the 22nd February was surely that for me. It was book launch week and after a (very) long time in front of a computer it was time to trade in the laptop and the running shoes for the high heels.  I hit the road to spread … Read More

Relaunch of Get Running Training Programmes

In January 2018, The Irish Times relaunched Mary’s 3 Running programmes and Mary from ForgetTheGym wrote in the paper each week of the duration of the programme keeping everyone motivated and on track. There were 10 weekly pieces in the paper. The links are listed below  to the online pieces and you can also view the paper cutouts  for all … Read More

Walking with a buggy – tips to make it easier

As part of her series of articles on motherhood, In this article Mary gives tips on walking with a buggy. This article was first published in The Irish Times on 5th June 2017. You can read the full article online

All I want for Christmas is a festive run

A wardrobe brimming with running shoes, gadgets and lyrca means I have reached capacity on my running gift wishlist.  All I want this Christmas is a little escape; a leisurely run before the madness and calories of the day commence. Running on Christmas day does not make me a serious athlete. I don’t run on this traditional rest day in … Read More