Best running articles for Corona virus times

We can on longer relay on races, parkruns or running clubs/meetups  to keep us motivated and moving. While the world is changing, we also need to change our perspective, our running goals and indeed our expectations on ourselves to adapt to our new ‘normal’. Running has always been a way to let off steam, to clear our head and to … Read More

An alternative running project for Coronavirus times

Running has always been a great way to de-stress and take some valuable time out from our busy days. In times of challenge getting our daily dose of fresh air is just as important, but we do have to be adaptable and accept that our usual running freedom takes second place to the Government guidelines for Covid-19.As runners we love … Read More

How to adapt your running in difficult times

How quick our normal changes…. Just over two weeks ago I shared my last group run with a bunch of like-minded runners. We enjoyed the miles and the chat and planned our next run. But that meet-up never happened. Within a week all club training was cancelled, parkrun was suspended and all spring races were postponed due to the Covid-19 … Read More

How to run safely in coronavirus times

Runners and Social Distancing – how we can play our part :  Another few weeks into lockdown and we are all getting very familiar with our local paths and parks. Hopefully, you have discovered some delightful neighbourhood secrets and enjoyed your running adventures even if they are not quite what you had originally planned for these spring months. Welcome to … Read More

All our plans for April 2020

You might feel frustrated with your lack of running freedom right now. Indeed our races, running buddies, club facilities and usual routes are out of reach. It can feel tough combined with all the other changes in our lives this month. Earlier this week I wrote in The Irish Times about how to adapt our training in this difficult time. It’s worth … Read More

The run that changed everything….

I ran my first marathon 16 years ago today – London Marathon 2005. At the time I expected it to be my only marathon, a once in a lifetime experience. Somehow, 16 years on, I’m delighted and surprised to say coaching people to run is now my  fulltime job. How did that happen? Heading into the unknown 17th April 2005 … Read More

March News – A very different spring for runners

  Two weeks ago we had a draft of a newsletter all ready to send out. It was full of pictures of our year so far and all our plans for the spring of running. What a difference a fortnight makes. As all our plans are now put on the back-burner, we did want to send you a little March … Read More

How to prepare for a race that might be cancelled

When runners started planning in the autumn for their big city spring marathon, the last thing they expected to scupper their plans was the spread of a virus. But currently every runner who is in training for a marathon this spring is wondering if it will go ahead or not. NOTE: This was written in March 2020 before all races … Read More

Could you run a Half Marathon ?

Join Mary for her Half Marathon Workshop where she explains everything you need to know to get you to the startline (and the finish line) of your half marathon smiling. Suitable for those training for their FIRST Half Marathon – Moving up from 8k and 10k distance. The aim of the workshop is to give you the tools, the confidence … Read More

All set for 2020?

Although we still have our Christmas hats on, we do have one foot in 2020. We have a brand new website and (for once) we are organised enough to have all our 2020 dates up online. We have some new events and a lovely new venue in Malahide for all our indoor workshops. Take a look at what’s coming….. Classes … Read More