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One week in the limelight

Sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and the week of the 22nd February was surely that for me. It was book launch week and after a (very) long time in front of a computer it was time to trade in the laptop and the running shoes for the high heels.  I

Dublin Marathon – The view from Crumlin Road

I received this email on the week before Dublin Marathon two years ago. You will love it, especially if you are a Dublin Marathon runner or supporter. It’s a wonderful letter and I encourage you to share it with anyone you know who is involved in the marathon. Have a read… Dear Mary, I was

ForgetTheGym writes in The Irish Times

Mary writes regularly on all things running in the The Irish Times. Here are a selection of her most recent articles : Date What Mary wrote about….. Jan-Mar 2018 A 10 week series of articles to support the relaunch of Mary’s Irish Times Get Running Programmes 19/12/2017 All I want for Christmas is a festive

Our most popular posts of 2016

Here are our 5 most read pieces from the year gone by. We hope you like them. 1. Pregnancy – Endurance training of a different kind The surprisingly similarities between pregnancy and training for a marathon. Read Article. 2. Tips for Looking After your Running Shoes How to select the best shoes for your body

The alternative Friday night out

We were tourists in our own city last night as we headed to Howth for a scenic coastal trail run followed by the famous fish and chips. We were blessed to be joined by a wonderful guide, Ger Copeland, head running coach of the local Dublin Bay Running Club who was brave enough to take

The run that changed my life

I ran my first marathon 14 years ago today – London Marathon 2005. At the time I expected it to be my only marathon, a once in a lifetime experience. Somehow, 14 years on, I’m delighted and surprised to say coaching people to run is now my  fulltime job. How did that happen? Heading into

Your Running Shoes – Lacing, Washing and Replacing

They have been with you on good runs and bad runs, sunny days and storms. You have probably spent a lot of money on these lovely shoes, more than you might ever spend single pair of going out shoes. From washing your shoes right to lacing them correctly, you can really get the best value

Running Chick Hoodies

Everyone was jealous of the lovely hoodies our coaches wear, so we have decided to design some just for you, our Running Chicks and Chick Magnets. The Spring/Summer 2016 season brings with it our Brand New ForgetTheGym Hoodies. All hoodies pre-ordered in Jan 2016 are now ready for collection from 6th February. If you didn’t

Running to the Beat – Using a Metronome

One of the best tools to help you practice your Chirunning Technique is to use a metronome when on the run. What is a metronome? The metronome is a little gadget that you can set to beep at regular intervals. Each time it beeps, you take a step. The metronome is one of the best


Our classes take place outdoors at the following locations across Dublin:

Sandymount, Dublin
Clontarf, Dublin

Our workshops take place at the Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, beside the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin Docklands.

Chirunning events take place outdoors in local parks or at your club or venue.

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