What happened in Beaujolais…

From the  vineyard trail paths to the crowded rue Nationale at the finishline, the Marathon du Beaujolais is a spectacular of another kind. It never fails to surprise, to bring a smile to a face, to lift spirits and build friendships and motivation for another year of running. It’s a day that you dont want to end. It may be … Read More

Photos from Beaujolais 2014

So many memories, it’s hard to narrow them down, but here are some of the smiles, laughs and fun we had. Have a read of the full Beaujolais 2014 Blog too… Or a look at one of our videos : Our 2014 Highlights…       Have a read of the full Beaujolais 2014 Blog too… Read more about our … Read More

No newsletter since August?

Ooooooppps, the autumn has passed and its 3 months since we sent a ‘monthly newsletter’. From weddings to workshops, pregnancy to planking, marathons to media , we have plenty of excuses. Take a look below at what has been keeping us all busy…. A Running Hen… It all started early September when I got the shock of my life when … Read More

A surprise guest at Clontarf Class

As our last class of summer term in Clontarf, we headed for Dollymount Strand.  After two weeks of glorious weather and free classes all across the city, we didnt think it was possible that Clontarf could match some of the memories we had already created earlier in the week. Little did we know that at the end of the wooden … Read More

A Dublin Historical Running Tour (without the history)

It’s about time I brushed up on my Dublin history. Last night we ran past so many of the famous sites of our city, from St Patricks Cathedral to Dublin Castle, Merrion Square to St Stephens Green. Between all 25 of us, we still couldn’t remember enough history to sound remotely knowledgeable. What we really needed was Conor from our … Read More

A Perfect Sunday Morning

Our weekend mystery running tour : Running is such an amazing way to explore – at home and abroad. Often in class we explore the city streets and parks. This weekend however, it was time to go slightly further afield. A running mystery tour to the south side of the city. 25 minutes away on the DART we arrived into … Read More

Running in Milan

What a weekend we just had in Milan. Many thanks to everyone who came with us for making my job so easy.  Milan has both a relay marathon and a full marathon. We had 8 people (2 relay team) and 4 running the full marathon – a lovely group of 12. As none of us had ever travelled to this … Read More

Top 10 ForgetTheGym Memories of 2013

We asked you for your  favourite 2013 running memories.Thanks for everyone for your feedback. We have looked through all the responses and come up with your 10 favourites…. 1. Classes in the Heatwave A long summer of outdoor classes where we felt like we were all in California.   2. Saturday Mornings The Long Run training. Training for the half … Read More

Xmas Lights and Mulled Wine Runs

It’s that time of the year again where we take our running less seriously and enjoy the buzz of the Xmas scene while running through the city. We will leave our meeting points and cover about 5k distance with stops along the way for exercises, but also make pitstops at the Christmas Market, along Shopping Streets to see the Windows … Read More