12 Months of running – January

Get inspired and motivated this January with our selection of our favourite races/events close to home. Tom Brennan Memorial 5k. The first race of the year is on January 1st, and despite the New Year celebrations it still draws a big crowd. 12 o’clock on New Year’s Day sees all the Lord Mayors Five Alivers & New Year Resolutioners meet in the Phoenix … Read More

10 Years Ago Today….

I ran my first marathon 10 years ago today – London Marathon 2005. I just wish I had written a training log entry for that day. At the time I expected it to be my only marathon, a once in a lifetime experience. Somehow, 10 years on, I’m delighted and surprised to say coaching people to run marathons is now … Read More

From coach to runner

This is a blog post by our Running Coach Anne Jennings who is currently training for the Connemara 39.3 mile Ultramarathon where she talks of her training and being on the other side of the fence as the ‘runner’ rather than the ‘coach’. The running steps to Connemara December 2014 and the FTG coaches get together for an end of … Read More

Remembering to Plank

It’s day 60 of our ‘Plank a Day’ Challenge. What I have come to realise is that it’s not the Plank that is the problem, it is my head. I STILL forget to do the plank some days. Occasionally, I have had to drag myself out of bed to do it. On a few days, if i’m honest, I have … Read More

Wow, what a success. Over 3500 minutes of planks….

What started out as a little bit of motivation to get us all doing our ‘plank a day’ on the 1st September has resulted on at least 3,500 planks completed this month.  We would have been happy with people doing their plank in front of the telly, but as the month progressed, people got a little more adventurous! We have … Read More

10 Days of Planks Complete

Our Plank a Day Challenge has really taken off. 10 days in and we already have over 230 signed up, with well over 100 of you each day completing the plank. Are you one of them ? If so, well done. If not, Sign up here! Having a video to play to guide you through the 1 minute routine has … Read More

Pack your runners along with your passport

  Holidays are about rest and relaxation, for alot of runners our running time is our relaxation. So, Why not bring your runners along with you? In this article Mary Jennings give us some tips on how to incorporate a run into our holiday ‘routine’ and how to combat all the excuses we currently have for not running while away. This article first … Read More

Why Exercise in the Morning?

Its 8am and we have just finished our 7am morning class. 1 hour ago we were all half asleep but now everyone is buzzing. There is something about exercising in the morning that makes you feel that little bit more proud of yourself. You know it would have been very easy to press snooze on the alarm and put off … Read More

Get Running with the Irish Times

Exciting times for ForgetTheGym as we are delighted to be chosen by the Irish Times to be their  Running Experts for their new Get Running Programmes. Mary will be delivering the programmes Online – through video, weekly emails, and on online forums. The Beginners Running Programme kicked off in January 2014, and takes people from 1 minute jog right up … Read More