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Foam Rolling for Runners Workshop

This practical workshop will teach you how to make the best use of your Foam Roller to keep you running for longer with less injuries. What’s a Foam Roller? A foam roller is a tool which allows you essentially to give yourself a deep tissue massage by loosening out adhesions and tightness in the body.

No Equipment – No excuses – Exercises you can do anywhere

Whether you are in your sitting room, office, back garden or away somewhere sunny on holiday, it is still possible to fit in a few exercises to help build your strength and fitness. Here are our favourite exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment required. Start out with just one minute per day and

Chi Running and Breathing – Dublin Masterclass Weekend

Dublin Masterclass Weekend We are delighted to announce that Gray Caws and Patrick McKeown are coming to Dublin for a great weekend of Reduced Breathing Technique & Chi Running Performance. Check out the details. Sat 2nd July : The Oxygen Advantage Masterclass with Patrick McKeown Sun 3rd July : Chi Running Advanced Technique & Performance

Temple Street Running Technique Tips

To all of you running for Temple Street Foundation, we wish you all the very best of luck in your upcoming race. As you approach your race day, here are a few tips to make your running feel easier and more enjoyable. These tips come from the Chirunning Technique which aims to make your running

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Most of us would rather an extra 5 minutes run than set aside five minutes  at the end of the run to help the body recover after running. Avoid injury, help recovery and cooldown your body after your run by fitting in a few stretches. If you can never remember which stretches to do, or

Keep track of your progress

Keeping a training log is a fantastic way to monitor progress and challenges along the way. I still have my training logs from when I started jogging (very slowly) and it is great to look back over them and remember the challenge/effort and sense of achievement I felt as I first ran 5 minutes non-stop.

Your Run – The first 5 minutes…

Never believe what your body tells you in the first 5 minutes of your run. If you do, you will convince yourself that you are not made for running. The negative voices in our head complain, our breathing can feel laboured, our leg muscles can feel tight and joints might ache as we start running.

Wall Sits for Everyone

Why should we do a wall sit? A wall sit builds strength and endurance in glutes, calves and quadriceps muscles which are all used every time you run. How to do a wall sit – step by step guide With feet shoulder width apart, sit back against a wall, lowering your bum until you are using

Squats for everyone

Why do we squat? Squats are a great functional exercise which make everyday activities easier such as sitting down or standing up and even bending to lift things. Try using this technique everytime you lift something up off the floor and this should help with posture and prevent back injuries from lifting. Squats can also

Cold Weather Running Gear

The cold weather has hit, and its time to dig out the box of winter running gear and the layers and ‘Where did I leave those gloves?’ As the cold snap sets in its so easy to think of just staying on the couch in the evening and not going for your run. Here are


Our classes take place outdoors at the following locations across Dublin:

Sandymount, Dublin
Clontarf, Dublin

Our workshops take place at the Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, beside the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin Docklands.

Chirunning events take place outdoors in local parks or at your club or venue.

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