Why is it so hard to get motivated to start running?

I met a lady recently who told me she always reads my Irish Times running column but is not a runner herself. Curious, I asked her why. “I’m building up to it” she said. “I know running would do me good but I just can’t seem to get started. I hope someday I will”. So for this lady, and anyone … Read More

What is the best surface to run on?

When I started running, I always ran on footpaths and roads. I never really considered anywhere else. My local paths and roads were safe, even and well lit. Most races take place on city streets so I just assumed that I should train on a similar surface. It never actually entered my mind to run on grass, trail or sand. … Read More

How to fall back in love with running….

Have you lost your running mojo and fitness this winter? If so, you are not alone. The combination of another pandemic lockdown and wintery weather has moved running down the priority list for many. But could I tempt you this Valentine’s week to rekindle your love affair with your running shoes? You know you love it, once you get started. … Read More

Aoife’s Tips for running in the heat

Whether you are running on holiday or enjoying a heatwave at home, when exercising in the heat there are 2 basics to keep in mind; hydration and sun protection. Anything beyond that will just make you more comfortable on your run. Water, water and more water Firstly you need to make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the hot weather … Read More

Out of breath thinking of hill running? Follow my tips…

Mention hill running to most runners and they are out of breath just thinking about it. Most of us associate running uphill with effort, muscle soreness, breathlessness and fatigue. For this reason, many runners avoid hills in training and struggle on race day or on a new training route when they do encounter a hill they cannot avoid. A spectator’s … Read More

Running to the Beat – Using a Metronome

  One of the best tools to help you practice your Chirunning Technique is to use a metronome when on the run. What is a metronome? The metronome is a little gadget that you can set to beep at regular intervals. Each time it beeps, you take a step. The metronome is one of the best tools to help you … Read More

What is ChiRunning?

As runners, we are often given well meaning advice from non-runners: ‘You shouldn’t run so much, it’s bad for your joints’. With over 40% of runners getting some form of injury every year, maybe they have a point. ChiRunning is a running technique focused on reducing the impact of running on the joints and muscles of body and therefore avoiding … Read More

Foam Rolling for Runners Workshop

This practical workshop will teach you how to make the best use of your Foam Roller to keep you running for longer with less injuries. What’s a Foam Roller? A foam roller is a tool which allows you essentially to give yourself a deep tissue massage by loosening out adhesions and tightness in the body. The foam roller has been … Read More

No Equipment – No excuses – Exercises you can do anywhere

Whether you are in your sitting room, office, back garden or away somewhere sunny on holiday, it is still possible to fit in a few exercises to help build your strength and fitness. Here are our favourite exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment required. Start out with just one minute per day and gradually add in extra exercises … Read More

Chi Running and Breathing – Dublin Masterclass Weekend

Dublin Masterclass Weekend We are delighted to announce that Gray Caws and Patrick McKeown are coming to Dublin for a great weekend of Reduced Breathing Technique & Chi Running Performance. Check out the details. Sat 2nd July : The Oxygen Advantage Masterclass with Patrick McKeown Sun 3rd July : Chi Running Advanced Technique & Performance Workshop with Gray Caws Location … Read More