Squats for everyone

Why do we squat? Squats are a great functional exercise which make everyday activities easier such as sitting down or standing up and even bending to lift things. Try using this technique everytime you lift something up off the floor and this should help with posture and prevent back injuries from lifting. Squats can also increase your sports performance by … Read More

Cold Weather Running Gear

The cold weather has hit, and its time to dig out the box of winter running gear and the layers and ‘Where did I leave those gloves?’ As the cold snap sets in its so easy to think of just staying on the couch in the evening and not going for your run. Here are a few tips to keep … Read More

Christmas Gifts for Runners

Not sure what to buy the runner in your life this Christmas ?  Buy a gift voucher from ForgetTheGym which can be redeemed anytime in 2018. Here are some ideas of what you can get with your gift voucher :  For the new runner : Eur 90 :  Beginners Running Classes 8 Week Term.  (1 Class Per Week) For the … Read More

Our favorite running accessories

We are always being asked what clothing and gadgets runners should have. In truth, a good pair of runners and a good sports bra (for the ladies) is about all you need. But in order to make your run more comfortable, more enjoyable and just all round easier we have a few accessories that we just love. And who doesn’t … Read More

Being a good running buddy when it really counts

  As running buddies we support each other. We run and chat through our problems and worries. We encourage our buddies through the miles when we don’t have the energy or the confidence. Most importantly we get each other out the door on the days where we would create an excuse if we were running alone. Most of the time it … Read More

A running chick with a bump – Pregnancy and Running

Running and Pregnancy  – You can read lots online but what better than the real life experience of our instructor Aoife. She has a great blog and will continue to add to it in the coming weeks and months. Here is her story so far… Can I still run ? In January when I first discovered I was pregnant aside … Read More

Pack your runners along with your passport

  Holidays are about rest and relaxation, for alot of runners our running time is our relaxation. So, Why not bring your runners along with you? In this article Mary Jennings give us some tips on how to incorporate a run into our holiday ‘routine’ and how to combat all the excuses we currently have for not running while away. This article first … Read More

Making Running Hills Easier

Many runners fear (or avoid) hills… They arrive at the top of a hill breathless with their legs burning. They spend the entire hill wishing they were at the top. But imagine hills feeling easy. Imagine looking forward to hills. With ChiRunning Technique, you can take some of the pain and pressure out of running on hills. Many of us … Read More

Why Exercise in the Morning?

Its 8am and we have just finished our 7am morning class. 1 hour ago we were all half asleep but now everyone is buzzing. There is something about exercising in the morning that makes you feel that little bit more proud of yourself. You know it would have been very easy to press snooze on the alarm and put off … Read More

Bye Bye Asics Skyspeed……..

Yes, I admit I was a little nervous buying new runners.I have bought about 7 pairs of the same shoe over the last few years,  and I love them.  However, they have been discontinued, so its time to move on. Sob. I feel guilty, these shoes have been everywhere with me. This pair are my lucky marathon shoes – they have run … Read More