Race Calendar

It’s always great to have something in the diary. It helps us to stay motivated and put manners on our training! We are big fans of parkrun which is on every Saturday (see all locations). Sometimes though, it is nice to train up for a specific one-off race event, pop on a race number, feel the butterflies in the stomach … Read More

10 things to tell you as we move into May

I have tried my best to put all in my head into 10 quick points below. Here goes: Thank you: To everyone who has spent early spring days with us, well done. From dark March evenings to fabulous sunsets in April we truly have seen the seasons change. A huge thanks to our coaching team too!   Beginners : A … Read More

A virtual change in direction….

Exactly 2 years ago we launched our virtual running coaching at ForgetTheGym. What a 2 years it has been! Hundreds of you have joined us from beginners to marathoners as we navigated our way through covid, zoom and having to watch ourselves on video! But we did it. And I am so grateful to everyone who supported us over these … Read More

What to do now if you are considering an autumn marathon

Have you got a race entry for an autumn marathon? Although it may seem far in the distant future, how you approach your running this spring sets the foundations for your marathon experience. If you want to build your enthusiasm, strength and excitement for that big day out, now is the time to think seriously about what lies ahead, plan … Read More

How small changes can help us get out the door…

Even though we love the feeling that running (or walking) give us, we often find it hard to get going. In The Irish Times this week, I discuss exactly this – how to procrastinate less and actually get ourselves out for that walk or run… Read on…. How small changes can help you get out the door It’s a commonly cited … Read More

Friday Morning Funrun Popup

Take the morning to yourself and come join Mary for a Friday morning funrun. No pressure on speed, just a little time to get out and about before the weekend. Location : For this month our location will be Donabate where we will see the sea, the forest trails, sand and have plenty options for a post run stretch and … Read More

Dublin Mountain Pop up hike

No running in this event, instead a lovely leisurely sunday morning hike in the Dublin Mountains. Come join Mary and Aoife as we get up and out and get some fresh air, a great walk and chat and lovely stretches along the way. Date – Sunday 12th June Time – Meeting at 8.15 for departure at 830am.  Location – This … Read More

Running with Ashling on our minds….

A few short weeks ago I ran free and easy. Full of new year enthusiasm I enjoyed being out in the fresh air building motivation and fitness like so many others after the festive season. Running safely meant wearing my hi-vis gear, keeping socially distant from others while dodging tree roots and puddles. Running was relaxing, effortless and free – … Read More

Why you should keep putting on the runners this Christmas

5 reasons to keep running (or walking) through the Christmas holidays The countdown is on and most of us are now looking forward to those lazy Christmas days without the routine of work, school and festive preparations. But before you decide to glue yourself to the couch for the holidays, can I encourage you to get outside a little each … Read More