Changes to Class Timetable for 1 week in November

Due to some unforeseen events we are going to have to cancel and reschedule a couple of evenings on the week from the 4th November. We will add an additional week to the end of the term to make up for this inconvenience. We really apologise for this change in timetable, but we hope we can accomodate everyone with our extra weeks and free classes to make up for these lost few days.

Please can you have a look below to see how this impacts you :

  • Week 1 :  13th Oct – All classes as per normal
  • Week 2 : 2oth Oct – All classes as per normal
  • Week 3a : 27th Oct – No Class Bank Holiday Monday – Classes as per normal Tues, Wed and Thurs
  • Week 3b : 3rd Nov – Class on Monday (make up for bank holiday) but NO CLASSES on Tues, Wed and Thurs
  • Week 4 : 10th Nov : All classes as per normal
  • Week 5 : 17th Nov : All classes as per normal
  • Week 6 : 24th Nov : All classes as per normal
  • Week 7 : 1st Dec : All classes as  per normal
  • Week 8 : 8th Dec : Extra week of classes added to make up for lost week start Nov
  • Week 9 : 15th Dec : Free Bonus week of Xmas Lights Classes – dates and time TBC.
  • Xmas Holidays – We resume on 26th January

If for some reason the extra dates in December don’t suit you, and you cannot make up the lost classes from 4th Nov-6th Nov, we are happy to refund you for this week. Just please let us know before the 1st November so we can arrange refund.

Once again, we apologise for these changes, but we think the extra week at the end is the best option for you all, rather than try and rush the extra classes in over the term.

We will explain this in all classes to you over the next 2 weeks.

Thanks again for understanding – Mary, Lorraine, Anne and Aoife.