Claire and her metronome

What a wonderful story from one of our students Claire and her experience with Chirunning and her metronome.

The Start:

Three years ago I ran my first parkrun in Malahide. I ran it in 36:31. I was delighted to have run 5k non-stop and pretty pleased with my time. I then started to wonder if I could go a little faster.  For the next couple of parkruns the answer was no, but I liked the atmosphere, the route is lovely and the encouragement you get while running is so supportive I kept going back. Gradually I started shaving time off and last year I hit a milestone, I got under the 30 minutes and I was thrilled.  I figured I had reached my limit, run my fastest, I couldn’t imagine going any faster.

The Setback:

Then disaster, after a minor accident I couldn’t run for 6 months.  I kept eating as if I was running, I stacked on the weight and my blood pressure went through the roof, I had to get back on the road.

The Comeback:

In May I started doing 15 minutes, then 20, 30, and got back to a slow 5 k…. Happy Days!
In June a few things happened that changed my running. I decided that I was going to get out and run at least three times a week and that I would do one longer run, increasing the distance by 1k per month.  I also made myself go into the strength and speed class to challenge myself.  During the class Mary talked about the chirunning metronome, and had us try running to a constant beat.

The Surprise:
At my next parkrun, I gave it a go. I counted 1,2,3,4 ; 1,2,3,4 for the whole 5k.  I didn’t look at my watch once,  I couldn’t believe it,  I did it in 27:23, 2 whole minutes off my previous PB…. counting works !  I immediately emailed Mary, I wanted a metronome to do the counting for me.  I went out the following week armed with my new metronome.  I realised that I get distracted while running but that constant beeping didn’t allow me to and I shaved another 30 seconds,  I was into the 26’s.

The Birthday Present:

It’s now October, I take my metronome with me on all my runs and I rarely look at my watch.  My long run is up to 10k per week, I did my last parkrun in 24:51 and one other thing, I turned 50 last week!

Happy birthday Claire and we are so proud of you an all your running achievements. What a comeback you have had. Wishing you many happy years of running ahead.

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