Cold Weather Running Gear

The cold weather has hit, and its time to dig out the box of winter running gear and the layers and ‘Where did I leave those gloves?’

As the cold snap sets in its so easy to think of just staying on the couch in the evening and not going for your run. Here are a few tips to keep you warm.

Firstly, its never actually as cold as you think once you start running so leave the big bulky jacket at home and instead opt for a few layers that you can take off as you start to heat up.


There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.

Starting from the top, a hat or earwarmers will stand you well.

As important as sun cream is in the summer a good barrier cream in the winter should keep your skin protected from the wind and some lip balm to help save on chapped lips.


A neck buff, can easily be removed as you warm up and wrapped around your wrist so you don’t loose it. It also doubles as a face covering which can be handy to have these days.

A good base layer, spend a little bit extra on this and it will be worth it in the long run, a good base layer wicks the sweat keeping your body dry and keeps you warm all at once.

On top of this base layer what you wear really varies from person to person depending on how cold you get or how quickly you warm up while running. So a few light layers is a great way to go, again they can be taken off during the run and tied around your waist.

For those fingers… a pair of gloves or two will come in very handy, you don’t need to spend a fortune on them especially if like me you loose one glove every month. Double up if you are buying cheap ones though and always have a spare pair in the car or beside the front door before you head out.

Next to leggings, I’m afraid its probably time to ditch the 3/4 lengths for the evening runs, if its sunny during the day by all means but a pair of full length leggings will help against the cold wind.


Next to footwear, its easy to double up on socks if you get cold feet, no need to buy any fancy new winter ones, simply layer up, so long as the runners still fit on over them.

If you are running from your house, spend 5 mins warming up before you leave the house if that helps you feel warmer leaving the door.

Lastly if you are not running straight home at the end of your run make sure you have an extra layer in the car, you can get cold quite quickly so turn on the heat and stay warm on the journey home.

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Blog By Coach Aoife – Jan 2016