COVID 19 Guidelines

As we return to running classes/workshops, it is important that we pay particular attention to good covid19 practices, keeping ourselves and others safe.

As our classes are all outdoors we do have less risk but this does not mean the risk is not there.
  1. Please do not come to class if you feel unwell or suspect that you could have covid 19 symptoms.
  2. Please bring along a small hand sanitiser for personal use
  3. During class
    1. Please follow correct respiratory hygiene
    2. Please follow all current social distancing rules before during and after class
    3. Don't be offended if someone asks you to move away - we are all returning to our own new normal at our own pace.
    4. We will not use our usual hi-vis tops, so please wear hi-vis clothing in evening
    5. Please give way to others on the paths leaving plenty of room for everyone.
    Before each class you attend, please answer the following questions :
    - fever
    - dry cough
    - tiredness
    - difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    - chest pain or pressure
    - loss of speech or movement
    NOTE: If you cannot confirm all of the above, then you should not attend the class.