A Dublin Historical Running Tour (without the history)

It’s about time I brushed up on my Dublin history. Last night we ran past so many of the famous sites of our city, from St Patricks Cathedral to Dublin Castle, Merrion Square to St Stephens Green. Between all 25 of us, we still couldn’t remember enough history to sound remotely knowledgeable. What we really needed was Conor from our Sunday South Dublin Running Tour who was well able to answer all the questions.

History aside, what an evening. Starting with our sensible warmup at the Dublin Docklands we set off towards Merrion Square passing the crowds and the jugglers on the lawn on the summer evening. After a few exercises overlooking government buildings we were on to our next pitstop, along Baggot Street and into the Green.

As we couldn’t remember the history, I had to distract the girls with some lunges with a view.


Across the park and through the back of the Royal College of Surgeons and over to St Patricks Catherdral. Views from park are always better when you are doing a plank or a tricep dip.


Back along past the wonderful Iveagh Buildings, enjoying the tempting smell of chips from Leo Burdocks and we find ourselves at Dublin Castle.


With the sun shining down on the cobbled street courtyard, a sand sculpture exhibition was the perfect excuse to take another break. Some of the girls got chatting to the sculptor himself as he took photos of his art.


Never one to miss a good opportunity for hill training, the girls ‘enjoyed’ a few laps up and down to the arch.


Back towards the city now, and busier on the streets – a lot of unusual looks from people who must be wondering why 25 ladies in yellow and pink bibs were crossing Georges Street on a Tuesday evening. Much too early in the week for a hen party!


The clientele along Dame Lane were much more appreciative. Possibly the highlight of the evening, everyone sitting out enjoying an evening point in the sun clapped and cheered as we ran through – I have never seen the girls go so fast! I’ll have to plant more cheerleaders in the future.


Once recovered from the attention, we spotted the new location for the Molly Malone statue and couldn’t pass it without a souvenir photo.

Back now along Nassau Street, Westland Row and along Pearse Street with the promise of a drink in the sun at the end to celebrate all the hard work of the girls so far this year.


It was hard to say no to the outdoor table in Ely, and the accountants amongst us worked out it was much better to order bottles of Cava than anything else.


Who was I to argue. Bubbles on a school night. We could get used to evenings like this….


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