Emma Long – 365 Days of 1 minute Planks!

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Emma has been very dedicated to the plank challenge and one of our students who have done 365 planks in the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit.

When do you do your plank?

I’ve a pretty busy work and home life, so the best time for me is usually after my kids have gone to bed. I generally tend to do my plank around 9-10PM. Sometimes I do it with the tv on, otherwise listening to music or a radio programme. I find the distraction makes the minutes go faster than looking at a stopwatch. Even after a year, I still get the shakes before it ends.

Despite my best intentions, I did miss the odd day here and there. I did make myself catch up on them later in the week though. 
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What has kept you going?

My motivation to continue planking actually changed during the year. When the challenge started in September 2014, my goal was to do this for the month and get a stronger core that would help me run better. As the challenge continued on, I added in the extra exercises plus a few squats and definitely felt that I was toning my midriff, legs and arms almost always in the comfort of my own home!

In January, I noticed that yet another pair of trousers had got loose around the waist. This was the third pair that this had happened to, so I twigged that not only that my had stomach stomach become more visibly toned but it had firmed up and changed my shape for the better. The only thing that I can put it down to is the daily planks strengthening and toning the muscles. Everything else about my life is pretty much the same as before. So, I guess it’s probably mild vanity that has kept me planking for the rest of the year as I want to retain my slight waist for as long as possible!



If this time next year you would like to say you have completed 365 days of planking be sure to Join our challenge here.

Well done Emma