Why Exercise in the Morning?

Its 8am and we have just finished our 7am morning class. 1 hour ago we were all half asleep but now everyone is buzzing. There is something about exercising in the morning that makes you feel that little bit more proud of yourself. You know it would have been very easy to press snooze on the alarm and put off your exercise til evening time, or maybe tomorrow, or the next day.

Why morning exercise ?

1. It makes you more organised : You pack your bags the night before, you iron you work clothes, you set everything out as you know you wont have time or the the ability to think rationally early in the morning. Its amazing how quickly you can get ready for work when you have less time and have got organised the night before.

2. You feel a little bit smug all day long : You have more energy, you feel alive and you feel delighted you made yourself get up and get out. Its so easy not to go, and you went. You are entitled to feel smug!

3. You dont have to spend your day thinking up excuses to avoid evening exercises: We all do it. We look out that the weather thinking it may be best to put off exercise until the rain stops, or until tomorrow. There is far too much time in work to talk ourselves 0ut of exercising after work. Go in the morning, you won’t have time to make excuses.

4. You get more sleep  : Knowing you have to get up early in the morning, you are much more likely to make the effort to get to bed early.

5. Your evenings feel extra long : An evening all to yourself – whats not to like about that.

6. You eat better for the day : You finish your exercise feeling healthy and energised, so are more likely to have a healthy breakfast. The exercise kickstarts your body in the morning so you start burning more calories and crave healthier food.

7. You see a different side of the city/countryside : We try and do something different each week in our morning classes. We see the city in a different light, each week we notice something different. Last week we checked out the new Rosie Hackett Bridge in the city. This morning we noticed how many runners were actually out on the roads so early. Who knows what we will see next week.


There is something very cool about knowing that most people are missing these early mornings and you are part of them.

The hardest bit is getting up.

Once you are out and moving for about 10 minutes, you feel good.

Once you finish you feel amazing.

Try it, make the effort to get up and out in the morning and you will be delighted with yourself.


ForgetTheGym Morning Classes take place at 7am every Wednesday morning for Summer 2014.

You don’t need a class though – you just need to get yourself up and out….

Start by telling yourself you are just going for a walk. After about 10 minutes, you will feel much better and then include some running, some exercises and enjoy the morning exercise buzz. Get over the first 10 minutes and you will be totally fine…