February is the new January

I had great intentions of being just fabulous this January. Yes, I knew we would be back in another lockdown, but wouldn’t that give me more time to get things done? How wrong was I!

For most people I think this January was a little longer than usual but despite it’s perceived length, most of the things I assumed I would do in January never actually happened. I did a lot, just not the stuff I promised myself I would do as I wrote my new year resolutions. But I’m ok with that. Instead I’ve just decided that 1st February is going to be my New Year. (It’s even on a Monday so easier to start!)

From a running/fitness perspective, I’ve cut down my wishlist to three things.

1. One minute a day : Get back into a routine of a daily mini-workout. This February I’m going to work on my sideplank and build back up comfortable to be able to do side plank marches! Those of you who are part of our Online Coaching – Stay Running Group will be ‘encouraged’ to join me too!

2.Running Challenge: I wrote recently on the growth of Virtual Running Challenges, and convinced myself in the process that I might almost get to pretend I was travelling if I picked a nice virtual location. There is no pressure on speed and by having mileage targets I will be more encouraged to go for walks as well as runs so the more fresh air the better.  I’ve my eye on the Camino at the moment or maybe I’ll start with the Pyramids. Decisions, decisions…

3.Keep a note :  I have a tendency to focus on my never ending to-do list rather than my ‘what i got done’ list. My goal (in the 2020 lockdowns) was to write down every evening 5-10 little things I did in the day. I found it put me in a much more positive mindset about how ‘successful’ my day was, rather than get annoyed with myself for putting off all those tasks that never get done! I never did it this January and now I’m wondering where the time went! So I’m getting back on it for February. Looking back over the diary from last summer it is a great memory to have. It acts almost as a diary of these unusual days.

So there it is – my 3 ‘tasks’ for February. I’ve written it down, so it’s more likely to happen. Maybe you fancy 1st February as your new start day…..

Its 4 straight weeks until 28th February, spring is in the air (some days) and it will definitely fly by quicker than January…