Fitness in pregnancy and beyond

At the time I was pregnant in 2016 I wrote a series of articles in The Irish Times about fitness across the various stages of the journey. I’m delighted now I wrote it all down, because it is all a blur now 5 years on! If you are somewhere along the path from fertility to pregnancy to making a comeback to fitness after having a baby, you might find the articles below useful.

The big difference between now and then is the variety of online support and classes that are now here in a covid world. Most instructors have online offerings now and you have the option to join classes from anywhere in the world that might suit your needs and your timetable. I used a few exercise videos and books for reference when I was pregnant but now your options are limitless. That sometimes can be a problem too as there is too much choice.

The most important thing that we come to realise is that we all experience fertility, pregnancy and post natal return to exercise differently. All kids are different too, as are our lives outside of parenting and exercise, so we very much need to go with what feels right for us.

Below are the articles I wrote with some additional resources I have come across since which might be helpful :

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