Foam Rolling for Runners Workshop

This practical workshop will teach you how to make the best use of your Foam Roller to keep you running for longer with less injuries.

What’s a Foam Roller?

A foam roller is a tool which allows you essentially to give yourself a deep tissue massage by loosening out adhesions and tightness in the body. The foam roller has been dubbed ‘the poor man’s massage’ tool but we think of it as the wise man’s/woman’s massage that you can do daily at home.

foam roller

You know that lovely feeling in your legs the day after your sports massage when all the knots have been loosened out? Imagine being able to have that feeling of fresh legs every time you run. With a bit of practice on your foam roller you can have loose refreshed legs on every run and help prevent injuries.

About the workshop

This is a very practical workshop  where you will be using the foam roller a lot so please wear suitable clothing. We will demonstrate each exercise and everyone will then practice it on their foam roller.

Workshop Content

  • Basic principles of self Myofascial release (AKA foam rolling)
  • How Foam Rolling can help the body
  • How to warmup with foam roller
  • How to use foam roller for recovery
  • How to locate the ‘running’ muscles to roll
  • How to release tension and knots
  • How to use foam roller for relaxation
  • How to use foam roller for flexibility


Teacher : This workshop is facilitated Forget The Gym Running Coach Aoife who is also a Level 1 Certified Trigger Point Foam Rolling instructor.

Location :St Andrews Resource Centre, Pearse Street,  Dublin 2

Next Workshop Dates: Friday 20th April 19:30 (email to book your place)

Your Foam Roller : If you already have a foam roller at home you can bring this along with you.

Need a foam roller : If you don’t have one, we have sourced high quality foam rollers at a discounted price. If you wish to purchase a foam roller from us, you can add this on to your booking for the course and we will have it available for you at the workshop.

Cost: The price for this 1.5 hour workshop is €30


Is it suitable for me?

Foam rolling is effective for any individual regardless of their level of activity or inactivity. This workshop is focused on the best use a foam roller for runners.


Feedback from previous workshops

I found the work shop excellent. I had been using the foam roller previous to attending the workshop as I do suffer from injuries but I see now that I wasn’t using it effectively or getting the full range of benefit from it at all. 
I really learned a lot at the workshop and will be putting it into use on a daily basis to stay injury free while running. Anyone who runs would most definitely benefit from attending this workshop!  
I have actually foam rolled every day since, generally about 3-4 areas. I’ve noticed a difference after working out and I’m not as stiff after a weights session and much looser during a run.  There was a lovely atmosphere at the work shop and I loved all the back ground information. You shared a real depth of knowledge and it meant I understood more about the physiology and why and how my muscles get tight and then how to relieve them with the roller.

Book your Place

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, contact Aoife at