Gráinne Mac Giolla Rí – 365 days of 1 minute Planks!

Grainne - Plank on stones

Grainne is one of our very diligent students who has completed 365 planks over the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit.

When do you do your plank?

I almost always do mine at the end of the day. Very often hopping out of bed when I’d forgotten – that’s the guilt bit!

Here is Gráinne Doing her Plank in Disney Land, No excuses.

grainne plank disneyland

What has kept you going?

I’ve followed the specific challenge fairly religiously as it developed from a plank, to the different 5 min routines. More recently, since being left to our own devices, I’ve done a 3 min routine of 1 min press ups, 1 min front plank & 2 x 30 second side planks. I usually do this before bed, using that routine to start off & and then doing a few of the exercises I need to do to work on my various niggles – especially since committing to the marathon.

If all going v well then it’s foam rolling time. My runs are usually in the early part of the day & I rarely do the challenge straight after – I focus more on post run stretches then. I definitely haven’t done a plank every single day in the year. But I have caught up on every one – even if it has meant 4 or 5 additional sets to be done over a day or 2 – again the guilt trip! I guess the guilt aspect is allegiance to the Forget The Gym team if that doesn’t sound too corny. I’ve done various workshops & retreats over the last year or two but haven’t been able to commit to classes. Despite that Mary & the rest of you are all so helpful & supportive. So when you take the time & effort to provide the challenge, seems only fair to commit & actually do it.

Finding fun places to plank has also kept the motivation up! And I think Disneyland is the only public place I’ve planked where someone spontaneously jumped in & joined me!

Grainne plank 2

Gráinne’s dog is fairly prominent in her photos so we couldn’t not include her even if she didn’t get to disneyland! She’s Becky and regularly accompanies her running too!

At Mary’s first Running Retreat in May ’14 she gave us a 5 min exercise routine good for all runners – even followed up with a video. I thought, great, I can do that and…. of course, I never did! But the introduction of the challenge spurred me to remembering daily exercises for my running – either those incorporated into the videos as 1 minute became 5 – or adding in my own when left to my own devices. Once your on the floor anyway – it’s so much easier. But I’d never have bothered if it weren’t for your daily prompt! I can only assume it’s seriously helping my running.

Well done Grainne.

If this time next year you would like to say you have completed 365 days of planking be sure to Join our challenge here.