Hayley Morris – 365 Day’s of 1 minute Planks!

Hayley plank doorway

Hayley has been very dedicated to the plank challenge and one of our students who have done 365 planks in the last year. We asked her what her secrets were to keeping up the habit.

When do you do your plank?

I do my plank at 7pm everyday while I’m watching Hollyoaks on E4. Unless I’m stuck at work then I still do it when I get home while I’m watching Hollyoaks on catch up.

3 days a week the session includes my stretching and foam roll routine also.


Hayley dingle plank

Hayley with some fellow running chicks the day after the Dingle Half Marathon Planking on a beach in Kerry.

What has kept you going?

I like routine and following a plan. Especially when I felt the benefits early into it. The plank itself only takes 1 minute and it’s so easy to form the habit then and build upon it as the months rocked by.Hayley plank taj mahal 

Hayley here doing her plank at the Taj Mahal in November 2014.

** Note, even though her routine is planking in front of the TV watching Hollyoaks, she has certainly managed to get some pretty decent plank locations while travelling without the support of the Hollyoaks cast!**

If this time next year you would like to say you have completed 365 days of planking be sure to Join our challenge here.

Well done Hayley