Marathon Coaching

Are you tempted by the marathon distance? Do you need support and guidance to get you there? At ForgetTheGym, that’s exactly what we love to do.

Your coach: This programme is led by Mary. For the last 10 years Mary has been coaching runners to enjoy the marathon. No stranger to long distance herself with more than 45 marathons and ultramarathons completed, the autumn Marathon Programme will kick off in June 2021 supporting runners all the way from 10k to a big day out in October.

Which marathon? While the big city marathons might not go ahead this autumn, we are still going to train people for marathon distance this year. Training for a marathon is more than just a ‘big day out’ and having a ‘project’ for the summer/autumn can be a great way to stay motivated, positive and healthy. We might not be able to visualize the finish line right now, but we can still have a running summer to remember. As part of our plan we have options of a virtual race, a smaller race to attend or indeed we will create our own local ForgetTheGym marathon.

Start Date: This marathon coaching programme will start mid June 2021 and will work around an expected marathon date of 25th October. If you can run 10k comfortably by June and are injury free, you are in a good position to start. Drop us an email if you not sure if you would be able for it.

How marathon coaching works

There are two different programmes and each programme runs for 16 weeks:
'First Timers’ For men and women who wish to train for their first marathon (and can now run 10k).
'Improvers ’ For men and women who have completed at least 1 marathon – however slowly. We build on your experience and offer you all the tips and support to help you get more out of your training and improve your marathon performance.

Each 16-week programme includes the following

  • Peronalised Training plans
  • Weekly check-in and online support
  • Weekly training notes and videos
  • 8 weeks of online classes (Jun/Jul*)
  • Online Foam Roller Workshop (Aug*)
  • Online Run Technique Workshop (Sept*)
  • Long run meetups (Fingers crossed in autumn)
  • Private Facebook Forum for chats and advice
  • A few bonus extra surprises
  • Race Day Support (end October)
Note : All online events can be attended live or will be recorded and you can view in your own time. Dates TBC.

Most people who have completed this programme in the past have enjoyed the camaraderie and support as much as the coaching. We are all in this together, wherever we may live and run our miles. It is so motivating to have other people on our side, who understand the challenges and joys of training for long distance.

First Timers Programme €180
Improvers Programme €180
Booking opens Feb 2021

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We are so proud and honoured to be part of so many marathon stories.