ForgetTheGym writes in The Irish Times

Mary writes regularly on all things running in the The Irish Times.

Here are a selection of her most recent articles :

Date What Mary wrote about…..
Jan-Mar 2018 A 10 week series of articles to support the relaunch of Mary’s Irish Times Get Running Programmes
19/12/2017 All I want for Christmas is a festive run
5/12/2017 How to run faster this Winter
21/11/2017 Finish the running year on a high
7/11/2017 Give yourself a pat on the back
24/10/2017 The Week of the Marathon – Countdown
10/10/2017 The two simple things successful runners do
26/09/2017 Keeping on track despite marathon setbacks
12/09/2017 Making a running comeback this autumn
29/08/2017 Post Natal Fitness – Looking back at year 1
15/08/2017 Running to the Beat – Using a Metronome
01/08/2017 In it for the Long Run – Marathon Training Tips
18/07/2017 Running Books for your Holidays
15/06/2017 So you want to run a 5k?
04/07/2017 How to run in the heat this Summer
20/06/2017 Walking away from the holiday stress
05/06/2017 Make the most of walking with your buggy
09/05/2017 Walking this Summer – How to add steps to your days
25/04/2017 Fitness with a 3 month old
11/04/2017 Kickstarting our Summer of Walking
28/03/2017 Baby Steps – Fitness with a New Born
14/03/2017 Redefining your Personal Best
28/02/2017 Fitness in the final stages of Pregnancy
14/02/2017 Valentine’s Day – Reasons we love to run
31/01/2017 There is something in the air – step outside
17/01/2017 Fitness in 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy
03/01/2017 Resolutions – Taking this year one month at a time
13/12/2016 Fitness in 1st Trimester of Pregnancy
29/11/2019 Running during the festive season
18/10/2016 Fitness for Pregnancy
 06/10/2016 Final tips for Marathon Day
13/09/2016 Sports Psychology for Marathon Runners
06/09/2016 How can you get fit in 8 weeks
31/08/2016 Hill running technique
15/08/2016 Marathon Training; your weekend long run
 19/07/2016  The first steps in Marathon Training
04/07/2016 Pregnancy v’s Marathon Training 
31/05/2016 No time to exercise?
24/05/2016 Practicing what I Preach
10/05/2016 Top Tips for Race Week
19/04/2016 Finding your pace
5/04/2016 The temptation to run a marathon
5/03/2016 Mums on the run
23/02/2016 Setting your Running Goals
09/02/2016 Why we all need Running Buddies
26/01/2016 Change the focus from weight
19/01/2016 How to get moving in January
07/01/2016 Get Running intro for the new year
26/10/2015 Marathon Final countdown supporters and runners
25/11/2015 Fresh Air Fitness – getting outdoors in the winter
15/10/2015 Get Outside – Walking not just running
21/08/2015 The First 5 Minutes of a run
21/08/2015 Finding the time to run
01/07/2015 What is Mindful Running all about
01/06/2015 How to train for a half marathon
01/05/2015 Running tourism events this summer in running
01/10/2014 Top Tips for marathon race day
01/07/2014 First Timer Marathon Tips
01/05/2014 Taking your running on holiday
01/05/2014 Have you got what it takes to run a marathon
01/05/2014 Kickstart your summer of running

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