Stay running this January

We are back for 2021 helping you to love running and stay running! Come join us for running coaching, support and motivation to help you feel great and keep on running this January.

Our next virtual 7 Week Stay Running programme start 10th Jan 2021.

What is ‘Stay Running’ : More than just a running programme, Stay Running includes all the other bits that make your running easier – yoga classes to balance the madness, strength workouts to protect the body, cooking and recipes to nourish you as well as our bread and butter – supportive running coaching to keep you on track with tips on technique, breathing, speed and finding balance. There will be plenty fun and great accountability in our private Facebook group too. We will help you feel less stressed and frazzled and instead more relaxed and energized.

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Is it for me? If you can run 3km or longer you are in the right place here with Stay Running progamme. But if you are new to running or want to return right back to basics, check out our Beginners programme called Get Running which is suitable for new runners and those returning to running after a long time programme. It also starts on 10th January.

Skeptical about virtual coaching?

We were too – but have a read of how well it worked out in 2020.

Start dates :  Sun 10th Jan – Sun 28th Feb

Price : €99 for 7 Weeks

Your Coaches : Your running coaches Mary and Aoife will be joined this term by our Yoga Guru Linda from Linann Yoga and our Food expert Dee from Deelitefull.

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The Programme in Detail : 

Weekly Schedule : At the start of each week we send your running training plan for the week (3 runs per week we would love you to do) and also some tips and inspiration for the week ahead. In that email you will also be reminded of the full online schedule for the week – we have something on every day! You don’t have to do it all, but there is something for everyone.

You are the boss : The beauty of coaching online is that you do the running (and other classes), if and when suits your schedule – but we get you out the door, pick you up on the bad days and give you pat on the back when you do a good job. You also get the option to join in our daily events live or via playback.

Times of Classes/Events 

You can join everything  live, or watch back later in your own time.

  • Sunday 7pm:  Email with training plans from Mary
  • Monday 12.30pm:  Strength/Mobility with Aoife (20 mins)
  • Tues 6.30pm : Yoga for Runners with Linda (15 and 30 mins)
  • Wed 11am : Running Cuppa – Live chat with Mary (20 mins)
  • Thurs 6.30pm : Strength/Mobility with Aoife (30 and 60 mins)
  • Fri 12.30pm : Foodie Friday Tips/Recipes with Dee
  • Sat 9am: Virtual Group Run
  • Everyday 7.30am : Your bonus daily challenge
  • Added Extras : Weekend Live Coaching Chats with Mary
  • Everyday : Online support on our private Facebook group and email

NOTE : you need to be on Facebook and Zoom to get the most from this programme as all the live workouts, chats and general daily tips and challenges will be posted there. There will be weekly emails also, but the Facebook component is really essential for community, motivation and inspiration! You also can watch back all events that you cannot make live.

Added Bonus : Each morning we will set you a little challenge. It might be a short 3-5 minute exercise routine, it might be food or fresh air related, or indeed it might be nothing at all to do with exercise. Whatever it is, it will be a positive, simple task to complete on that day.

Is it suitable for me? Open to runners all over the world who can get around a 3-5k (run/walk at a minimum) and want to stay at 5k or move to 10k distance. If you wish to run longer distances, we can accommodate that too.

Have fun : As per all our coaching, there is no competition between our runners. We are all there to support eachother and encourage others in their running goal. We all have different challenges and responsibilites these days, and it’s great to have others on our side. There is enough stress and anxiety out in the world this 2020, we want to make running something that will take your mind off your worries and help you get some headspace.

Running Buddies : To help get us out the door, some extra days we will set a time and you can join us running albeit apart (on our own local paths). We might not be together, but knowing you will report back when you go will get you out the door and stop you putting it off til tomorrow!

If you have any other questions, drop us a line.

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