Lunges for Everyone


Follow our step-by-step guide to help you do lunges correctly and safely. Start out with Level 1 and only  progress to the next level when you become confident and comfortable with 1 minute at that level.

Why should we lunge?

Lunges work on the major muscle groups in your legs, your quadriceps and hamstrings. They are a great exercise for building strong runner’s legs or just for increasing tone in the legs.

Level 1 – Static Lunge


Have a look at our Static Lunge VIDEO here demonstrating all you need to know about this level.

Static Lunge – step by step guide

  • Take a long step out behind.
  • Keep upper body  nice and tall.
  • Stand with Shoulders back, chest out and core engaged.
  • Bend the back knee down toward to the ground (without touching ground)
  • Straighten up the back leg
  • Repeat on the first leg for 30 seconds.
  • Switch to opposite leg and repeat for 30 seconds.

Technique Tips

For all of the levels of lunges we will cover there are a few important things to remember.

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Whatever lunges you are doing, remember…

●Take a long step out leaving enough room to bend your knee fully.
●Keep your shoulders back and chest out.
●Ensure your front knee doesn’t go over your toes.
●Engage your core.
●Focus out in front

Level 2 – Backwards Lunge


Please only progress to these lunges when you are comfortable at Level 1.

Have a look at our Backward Lunge VIDEO here to introduce some movement into your lunges.

These lunges are similar to our previous static lunges just adding in some movement which will work on your balance and add a little challenge into the lunge.

Take a long step out behind and drop the knee almost to the ground.

Push through your front leg and bring the back knee up and 2 feet back together.

Follow the technique tips above for good posture and correct movement.

Level 3 – Forward Lunge


Please only progress to these lunges when you are comfortable at Level 1 and 2

Have a look at our Forward Lunge video.

Remember to keep your balance and engage your core. Follow the technique tips above.

Also, remember your knee hovers over the ground, it doesnt touch the ground.

Bonus Extras…

Holding the lunges for longer : If you are feeling like an extra challenge why not hold the lunge for a couple of seconds. Each time you lower your knee down count to 2 before straightening back up again.

Buggy Lunge

No time to exercise with your new baby ? Build in some walking lunges behind the buggy using the buggy as support


Best of luck – if you need additional support, be sure to follow our daily challenge page

Make sure you have your doctors approval to start any new exercise routine. If you feel any pain when doing the exercise, please stop immediately. Correct form is important, so be sure to follow the tips and hints.

Before embarking on this or any other exercise programme you should consult with your doctor. By participating in the programme you acknowledge that ForgetTheGym or their agents cannot be held liable for any injuries or other problems that may occur as a result.