Marathon Coaching

Have you got a spot in Dublin Marathon in October? Lucky you!

Feeling excited but nervous? Not sure what exactly you need to be doing? Don’t worry – thats totally normal. You can do it and I can help you get there – guiding you all the way from today to your finish line sprint with a smile!

Don’t rush in. There is plenty time between now and next October to train. No rush to start running too long distance yet!

A helping hand : Later this Spring, I will launch our Dublin Marathon Coaching programme. Places will be limited and this will be my 12th year guiding runners to the the finish line with a smile! I can’t wait.

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Remember that training for a marathon is more than just a ‘big day out’ and having a ‘project’  can be a great way to stay motivated, positive and healthy. Being surrounding by supportive coaches and runners who are in the same boat as you is the icing on the cake.

“To the people joining this group all I can say is enjoy, believe and trust. I completed my first marathon under the guidance of Mary. I could not speak highly enough of the journey on every level. Thanks to you Mary as always for your guidance & support” Jo. Read more reviews

Your coach: This programme is led by Mary Jennings. For over a decade Mary has been coaching runners to enjoy the marathon. No stranger to long distance herself with more than 45 marathons and ultramarathons completed this programme a highlight of every running year. More about Mary

How marathon coaching works

As all the training is delivered virtually, week by week, so you can join us from anywhere in the world. If you do live in Dublin, you will have added options to meet for long runs as the mileage increases, but this is completely optional. You dont need to join any live events, everything will be recorded so you can watch in your own time. You will be guided step by step from 10k to the finish line.

Is it for me? If you can run 10k comfortably by spring 2023 and are injury free, you are in a great position to start. Drop us an email if you not sure if you would be able for it.

More than running : Training for a marathon is SO much more than just running miles and following a training plan. Our training covers all the extra elements that help you arrive at the start line confident and excited for race day : Mindset, psychology, injury prevention, nutrition, managing setbacks, strength, mobility, motivation, fun and lots more. But the most important thing is that we dripfeed you the valuable information just as you need it – not overwhelm you all in one go!

Thanks to the Forget the Gym team for making dreams come though and for silencing all the critics who say we are mad running marathons. You are all individually so gifted and I stand as testament that if you follow the plan, tick all the boxes and listen to your body, anything is possible.


There are two different programmes and each programme runs for 5 months (starting June 2023) Both cover similar content but are suited for different types of runners:

First Timers Train for your first marathon (and can now run 10k).
Improvers Back for another marathon. We build on your experience and offer you all the tips and support to help you get more out of your training and learn from past lessons.

Each programme includes the following:

  • Weekly training notes, videos and tips
  • Personalised training plans
  • Online support and guidance from Mary
  • Private Forum for chats and advice
  • Option to meet for long runs
  • A few nice surprises along the way!
  • A community of like-minded runners
  • Race Day Support (end October)
  • Bonus – access to our online yoga, mobility and strength classes

Community : Runners who have completed this programme in the past have enjoyed the camaraderie and support as much as the coaching. We are all in this together, wherever we may live and run our miles. It is so motivating to have other people on our side, who understand the challenges and joys of training for long distance.

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Read reviews of the marathon programme: What our previous students had to say

Mary writes in The Irish Times and is a frequent voice on RTE Radio on all thing running with focus on everything from beginners to marathon distance. Mary’s book Get Running published by Gill Books has a whole chapter dedicated to your marathon journey.