ForgetTheGym and The Irish Times team up to help you Get Running

Mary from ForgetTheGym has created an Online Beginners Running Programme  and a 10k Training Programme for all those of you who would love to run but cannot come to our classes. She has designed these programmes with the Irish Times and we are delighted to announce its launch in 2014.

The beginners programme was designed based on the ForgetTheGym Learn-to-Run Beginners Classes, which so many of you have attended, and it has been adapted for an online audience. We had great fun filming the 8 week series in December, and look forward to getting lots more runners, at home and abroad out running this spring. Already we have over 13,000 new runners  have signed up and are following the programme.

The programme is FREE and is available at the Irish Times Website.

Due to the great success of this beginners programme, Mary is delighted to announce the launch of the 10k programme in April 2014. This is an 8 week programme for anyone who is currently at 30 minutes running and would like to move up to 10k.

The programme is also completely FREE and is available at the Irish Times Website.

Following on from the success of this programme, Mary and The Irish Times have launched a 'Stay on Track' programme, for anyone looking to maintain and improve their 5k distance.

The programme is also completely FREE and is available at the Irish Times Website.

How does it work ?

Each week in the programme, you receive an email which contains the following :
  • Your homework for the week
  • Videos of Mary explaining the week ahead
  • Advice on Technique and Tips
  • Links to relevant Irish Times Articles
  • A weekly forum where Mary and a panel of running experts answer your questions
  • Motivation and Support

What people are saying?

"Mary,  you have inspired me. Your no-nonsense clear advise made all the difference. Get me! I'm a runner!"

"I'm 63 and haven't run for years but have done all three sessions for the first three weeks reasonably comfortably and am confident I'll be able for week 4. Delighted to be doing the programme though and I feel really good after each session. It's a good idea to be only giving us one week's programme at a go."

"I'm in my early 50s, haven't run since I was at school. Mostly, I'm quite surprised and delighted that I'm actually doing it in the first place, and look forward to my next run. So thank you for getting this lazybones off the sofa and out walking/running with such a simple, comprehensive and beautifully presented programme!"

"I started in February and just completed week 8 of the Beginners Programme last week. I could barely do the 1 minute run on Day 1 and now I can run over 30 mins non-stop (slowly) but non-stop. Love this program! "

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Want to join in?

For any further questions, see Get Running directly for more information. Here are a few samples of the articles from the paper.....