Top 10 ForgetTheGym Memories of 2013

We asked you for your  favourite 2013 running memories.Thanks for everyone for your feedback. We have looked through all the responses and come up with your 10 favourites….

1. Classes in the Heatwave

A long summer of outdoor classes where we felt like we were all in California.

Summer 2013 Classes in the Heatwave


2. Saturday Mornings

The Long Run training. Training for the half marathons and marathons, a Saturday morning group would meet up, distract themselves from running with all the chat, and then celebrate over breakfast!

Longrun Mornings 2013


3. Paris  Marathon

The buildup, the event and the celebrations that surrounded the Paris Marathon.

Paris Marathon 2013

4. Parkruns and Picnics

Taking part in Parkruns ( a free 5k every saturday) and seeing people who this time last year couldnt run finish parkruns with a sprint and a smile –  no surprises we go for a breakfast again afterwards!

Parkruns and Picnics


5. Trip to Beaujolais, France

After 4 years we are quite the regulars at Beaujolais. In 2013 we had our biggest group yet, and left looking forward to a return again next year.

Beaujolais 2013


6.At the Races

Taking part in FunRuns and Race Events having trained hard to get to the start line….

Running Races


7. A long weekend in Limerick

Each year for the May bank holiday we head west, for the 10k, half and full marathon.


8. Being a Running Chick

Feeling like you belong to a group is great, especially at events and races. The cheer from another running chick as you run by, and the support from all the gang really helps bring us all closer together.

Running Chick


9. Dublin Marathon

The bridge at 25 miles, both for the cheerleaders and the runners. Watching the marathon from this point as inspired many of our cheerleaders to take part the following year…. A long summer of hard work goes into Dublin Marathon, but the group training with the workshops makes many of the years highlights.

Dublin Marathon


10. The Camaraderie and Support of the ForgetTheGym gang

Running brings so many people together – we end up chatting to others when running about thing we wouldnt discuss with out closest friends. so many of the of you have made such friends from the training. We are thrilled that for many of you, a laugh in class, a conversation with someone else, the support from an instructor, a Christmas lights run , or a memorable run with a few of the gang has been your running highlight….

fun and games

So there are some of your highlights. Have we missed anything ?

Thank you all for a wonderful year of 2013. x

Here is what we are planning for 2014…..