Me and my Metronome – Aoife

Aoife is one of our running coaches at Forget the Gym, she started running in 2008 and has been hooked ever since. Only recently however has she taken a chance by leaving her watch at home and replacing it with a Chirunning metronome. Here she explains why.

Dear Garmin, I love you, but….

For years I have loved running, correction I have loved the post run feeling. I can scarcely remember a time when going for a run was just that. It was always in training for something, to get faster, to go further, to be better than my last run. For a while that worked as I was always improving. Then a few things in my life changed and running could no longer be my number one focus. Also I needed my runs to be less pressured and more about fun and escapism. The first thing I always did when my watch beeped on a run was check my time, and my pace and my distance, and then when I got home I uploaded my run to Garmin and analysed it. I needed to reduce my dependency on my watch and times and paces.

Introducing the Metronome

A good friend (some know her as Mary) had been preaching of the benefits of metronome running for some time and I never got around to it. So one day she handed me one and told me to ignore my watch and just run to the beat. If I’m honest I was sceptical, how would I know how far I had run, how fast I was going and more importantly if I got a PB.  So off I set, initially it was different listening to the constant beep. Then I forgot I was even running. I was so relaxed all of a sudden 30 minutes had passed and I could have continued forever (at least in my head I could). From that day I was hooked.

Metronome photo

My new race partner

The next challenge was a race with my new partner, the metronome. Fingal 10k in swords Sunday 19th July. Everything about the race and the day before was different, I didn’t have pre race nerves, I didn’t have the jitters I usually have. I was worried I would get carried away with the crowd but much to my surprise I stuck with my beat and enjoyed the race more than I have ever enjoyed a run before. As the km’s ticked by I was comfortably overtaking people and even coming across people I knew I was able to have a brief chat to them before heading on my way. All of a sudden we hit 5k. How that happened I have no idea, I was still so relaxed. So on I continued, I knew the 2nd half of this route was tougher than the 1st so not celebrating just yet. 6, 7, 8 k still going strong and my pace was quickening without any effort. How was this possible? This is the magic of relaxed running. I completed the race in a great time and probably would have been slower had I set off at a ridiculous pace with pressure for time and PB’s that were unachievable for me.

The next challenge was the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I was running this with my Husband and I reminded him for several days beforehand that the finish line time did not matter. I was going to get around the course comfortable and really enjoy the race atmosphere. I started quite close to the back of the pack around the start line to reduce the pressure even more and I knew alot of people running this one.As the miles went by on I continued to enjoy the run. I was coming across people I knew and people I have coached and was able to pass along some tips along the way. It was such a great feeling to get to 11 miles and still feel comfortable. The most comfortable I have felt at 11 miles in any run I have done.

The competitive runner in me couldn’t help glancing at my watch and my pace every now and again but it didn’t make my run any different. As I got closer to the end I realised I was going to finish in a great time. I had a great run, a brilliant strong finish and because my run was so relaxed I had built up so little tension in my body, I barely felt it the following day.

Thank you Mary and thank you to my new bestie, My metronome.

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