Milan Relay Marathon

Milan, Italy, April 6th 2014.

Would you like to be part of a Marathon, but not run the whole distance ?

Come with us to Milan, and on the 6th April take part in the Relay Marathon.

How it works : In a team of 4 you will cover the marathon distance as follows :

  • First leg: 13.5 km (change point in Via Caprilli)
  • Second leg: 10 km (change point in Via Vittor Pisani)
  • Third leg: 10 km (change point on via Mario Pagano parking)
  • Fourth leg: 8.7 km

If you are feeling extra brave you can run the whole marathon yourself.

Here is a video of the race



Flights:  I am flying on Friday 4th April and Returning Monday 7th April with Aer Lingus. (There are lots of other flights also, the only requirement would be to arrive early Saturday so you have time to get to the Race Expo to pick up your number)

Hotels : I am staying at the Hotel Berna (As above, you can stay where you wish and we will have meeting points in town over the weekend)

Need Running Buddies : If you would like to go, and would like some relay partners let me know and we will put you in a group.

Race Entry : Here is the Milan Race Website

Weekend Plans : Arrive Friday,  Carb Loading and Shopping, Race Expo Saturday and Pre Race Dinner, Race Sunday and Celebrations to follow.

Booking : Everyone is responsible for booking their own hotel, race and flights. There is no cost to be part of our group, if you are a ForgetTheGym student.