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Stay Running Virtual Programme

More than just a running programme, our virtual Stay Running is a full holistic programme for recreational runners. It includes all the added elements that make your running easier – yoga classes to balance the madness, strength workouts to protect the body, cooking and recipes to nourish you as well as our bread and butter – supportive running coaching to…

How to fall back in love with running….

Have you lost your running mojo and fitness this winter? If so, you are not alone. The combination of another pandemic lockdown and wintery weather has moved running down the priority list for many. But could I tempt you this Valentine’s week to rekindle your love affair with your running shoes? You know you love it, once you get started….

February is the new January

I had great intentions of being just fabulous this January. Yes, I knew we would be back in another lockdown, but wouldn’t that give me more time to get things done? How wrong was I! For most people I think this January was a little longer than usual but despite it’s perceived length, most of the things I assumed I…

Stay running this January

We are back for 2021 helping you to love running and stay running! Come join us for running coaching, support and motivation to help you feel great and keep on running this January. Our next virtual 7 Week Stay Running programme start 10th Jan 2021. What is ‘Stay Running’ : More than just a running programme, Stay Running includes all the…

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