No Equipment – No excuses – Exercises you can do anywhere

Whether you are in your sitting room, office, back garden or away somewhere sunny on holiday, it is still possible to fit in a few exercises to help build your strength and fitness.

Here are our favourite exercises you can do anywhere with no equipment required. Start out with just one minute per day and gradually add in extra exercises as you get more comfortable with them.

Click on the names of any of the exercises below to get full details of how to do them safely. We also have extra tips for beginners and more advanced versions for those who are comfortable with the basics.



You can build from there by adding in some of these other exercises and use a variety of them each day.



Wall Sits 

wall sits

Tricep Dips


Side Plank

side plank



Push Ups


Need support and guidance – Join our ‘Plank a Day‘ Group where we give daily motivation and support.

If you just want to work on Core Exercises, you can check out Mary’s 5 Minute Runners Routine.

Go on, it’s only a few minutes of your day.

If you would like some further motivation you can have a look at Mary Jennings’ article on ‘1 minute a day’ recently published in The Irish Times.