Our favorite running accessories

We are always being asked what clothing and gadgets runners should have. In truth, a good pair of runners and a good sports bra (for the ladies) is about all you need. But in order to make your run more comfortable, more enjoyable and just all round easier we have a few accessories that we just love. And who doesn’t love a good gadget?

1. Water bottle – this doesn’t need to be any kind of fancy water bottle but if you are on the go alot and you feel that you don’t consume as much water as you should then having a water bottle on you at all times will encourage you to drink more.

2. Metronome – where do we begin. We have a few success stories that you can read, Claire’s & Aoife’s take on the metronome. Need I say any more. You can also get some more information on how to run with one from Mary’s blog .

3. Tennis ball / Massage ball – A great tool for massaging out tired legs or focusing on specific muscles to get a good massage after a run.

4. Running gloves – these can be as simple as a cheap pair of wool gloves to anything more technical (although at the rate I loose gloves I should opt for the cheaper ones).

5. Factor 50 Suncream – Winter or summer, you should have this as a running basic. Pop some on your face every day you are out in the elements then you will never have forgotten to put it on for a sunny run.

6. Lights – Being seen in the winter is very important. Often times we head out for a run and can get so distracted with running  we forget about the cars / roads around us. Be seen by others especially if running near roads in the dark.

7. Running belt – Running clothes just never have enough pockets, or the pocket you have fits barely your car key. If you need to have your phone with you on your run, or especially if you need to carry an inhaler having a running belt to pop them into will save you squeezing them into your tiny pocket on the back of your shorts.  There are many different kinds of running belts on the market however this year we discovered some very cheap ones in Penneys and they have become a favourite of ours.

8. Running watch – If you want to track distance or time you are running a good running watch will really stand to you. Now which one you choose, Coach Lorraine put together a good summary here.

9. Foam roller – No runner’s house is complete without a Foam Roller. It’s your at home massage friend. Used frequently this can definately help you prevent injuries as you increase your running time or mileage.


runner with gadget


Happy shopping!

Remember, you dont need to spend a fortune on any of these items. Shop around.