The parkrun poem

It can be hard to describe what makes parkrun so addictive. Check out this most wonderful poem from one of our Running Chicks which really captures the spirit of parkrun.


The Parkrun Poem

The alarm rings loudly with a sound I hate
Telling me to get up or I will be late
But it’s wet, it’s stormy, the wind’s very strong
Warm in my bed is where I belong

I turn off the alarm so it won’t again bleep
Before sinking back down to a world of sleep
But I promised I’d run, and we all know that song
The run will soon end, guilt trips last very long

I force myself up and head to the park
It’s so cold and dreary and still very dark
I meet with others who seem much more awake
Already arranging post run chats and cake

The race is on, there’s a lot taking part
Crowds pass us by right from the start
It’s hard to find space, the pace is fast
I know I won’t be able to last

I try to settle, the fresh air is good
But I’m still not running the way I should
The voice in my head is so full of doubt
It’s an ongoing battle not to drop out

I get over taken by a person I overtook
I feel annoyed but I smile as I look
She isn’t fast but she just passed me by
I could catch her if I was bothered to try

Then catch her, look up, stop being lazy and slow
Use your elbows, be strong, give it a go
Put a string on her head so she carries you through
Let your body go first and your legs will go too

Caught her, good, Now chase more, one by one
Push on now for a good strong run
A sprint finish, it’s over,  I vow and I swear
“never again” it’s too much to bear

Post run talks begin, we laugh as we moan
We head for coffee, maybe a cake or scone
Vows of quitting are gone as we plan and discuss
The next 5k, maybe 10, wonder what’s next for us

Úna Ni Chribín,
ForgetTheGym Running Chick, 2015


Parkruns and Picnics


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There are more than 20 parkruns in Ireland every Saturday morning at 9.30am. You can even parkrun on holiday with a huge amount in the UK and more starting every week internationally.

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So many of our running gang from classes and workshops go to parkrun every week, running and volunteering.



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