A Perfect Sunday Morning

Our weekend mystery running tour :

Running is such an amazing way to explore – at home and abroad. Often in class we explore the city streets and parks. This weekend however, it was time to go slightly further afield. A running mystery tour to the south side of the city. 25 minutes away on the DART we arrived into Dalkey, the starting point of our adventure.


Along Vico Road

Its a little bit cruel to start on a an uphill, but the views and scenery were well worth it. 1km into the run and a view to die for.


Pick your Favourite house

One way to pass the time on such a route is to check out the neighbours, from quaint cottages in Dalkey to gated private estates along the coast, we dreamt of the day where we might be invited to a party in one, not to mention call one our home.


Oh Sorrento

Back down the hill and a nice surprise for the gang to find themelves in Sorrento Park. Not so much excited to find another fine hill in here, but once again worth it at the top.



Yes indeed, it does feel like we were in a different country. Time for a pipstop and a few photos.

IMG_9640  IMG_9609

Always time for a few exercises

Never one to let the opportunity pass, while they were all distracted by the view, I tricked them into a few pilates, strength and core exercises….

IMG_9639 IMG_9647 IMG_9668

A history lesson

Being a local , Conor was great with all the historical tips and info on the area and we even had the South Dublin equivalant of the ‘Hollywood Homes’ tour as we passed by the celebs houses along the route. (thanks Holly!)

Back north along the coast

Every corner we turned there was a photo opportunity. From Dalkey Island to Sorrento Park, Vico Road to The 40 Foot, Bullock Harbour to Sandycove, It really makes you think how much is on our doorstep.



Even the ‘boring roads’ has colour and life to them.


Tummys Starting to Rumble…

As we sat overlooking the 40Foot and debated a footbath, talk turned to food (what a surprise!) and I then revealed to the gang that it was 1km to the finish line – Teddys IceCream Stop. The end of ‘exercise’ component of our morning!


Off they went, along by sandycove and along the final stretch up to our finishing destination…



The Finish Line…

Would you believe it – this lot are far too healthy to consider a 99 cone for Sunday Brunch. They even convinced me to go for a healthier option


Post Run Snacks..

My plan all along was to wander into the Peoples Park Food Market in Dun Laoghaire for some ‘cooldown stretches’, a post run chat on a grass and a sample of the good food of the market. Thankfully the weather made this possible and I think between us all we tried a bit of everything at the market


Im not sure there was much stretching or cooldown however. Instead plenty of chat about running and food.. sure isn’t that what its all about!

Thanks you all for a super morning – the first of many of our Weekend Mystery Running Tours around Dublin.



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