A plank a day – Every day for a year

We are in awe of 5 ladies who have stuck to our daily challenge for 1 full year. Every single day they have completed the plank. Have a read of all their tips for keeping the habit, and learn about what motivates them to keep up the routine.

Emma’s Story

Hayley’s Story

Grainne’s Story

Tina’s Story

Una’s Story

Well done ladies.  As a small reward for their dedication to this challenge we got each of them a diary… although it’s the rest of us that probably need the diary, they are clearly the most organised of the lot of us !


Where it all started

During the Lent of 2104 one of our Running Coaches Anne took on the challenge of exercise every day for the 40 days (even though as we discovered Lent was longer than 40 days but that is for another story). Anne was so happy with her results she decided we should share the idea and A plank a day challenge was born. September 1st 2014.


Over the year we have had planks in many different countries, with friends and strangers, with family and pets, on holidays, after races, solo and in groups. There are quite literally too many to list here.

Find out more about our Plank a Day Challenge. You can start any day and follow our tips and videos to keep you motivated.

Lets hope by this time next year there will be a few more to join you on the podium of 365 planks.

Hayley plank doorway