Push-up Challenge Stage 3+4 – Steps of stairs

Moving a little closer towards the ground

Only when you are comfortable at 20  Counter/Table Pushups non stop should you even consider moving to this Stage 3. In Stage 3 we use the 3rd step of a stairs as our guide….

3rd Step of Stairs Pushup Title

Don’t rush into this stage: It is much better to stay at Stage 2 (Counter Pushups) until you are sure you are using the right muscles and not putting unnecessary pressure on the body.

How to approach this Stage 3 Pushup : First Step, take a look at the video below. This is a big change from Stage 2 so make a special effort be patient and careful to move gradually to this level. Let’s aim to do as many as you can in 1 minute. Take breaks whenever you need to and go back to the Stage 2 when you feel you are losing your form.

How to do a Stage 3 Pushup :

  • Find a stairs – indoors or outdoors wide enough to place your hands comfortable.
  • Identify the third step from the ground and position your hands securely.
  • Allow your hands to sit  little wider than your shoulders.
  • Keep your shoulders and upper body stable.
  • Pop up on your toes and engage your core muscles (like your plank position)
  • Your shoulders, hips and heels should be in a straight line
  • Make sure your hands are supported so you don’t slip forward – use your thumb
  • Disperse equal pressure through your fingers to avoid wrist pressure
  • Keeping your core strong, bend your elbows to bring your chest towards the step
  • Breathe out as you straighten out the elbows
  • Your chin should be moving towards the corner of the 4th step
  • Keep the back of your neck long and be careful you dont stick chin out
  • Pay particular attention to your core as you can easily overwork your arms and neck
  • Keep your gaze focussed in the direction you are moving – nice long neck!
  • Repeat for as many times as you can for 1 minute

If that sounds too complicated : (Our 50 second video makes these instructions a lot easier to follow)

How to progress – Moving down the Steps – Level 4 :

We suggest you practice this  Stage 3 for at least 5 days before moving on to the next level.

Stage 4 : Follow same routine as above but move down to a lower step – Step 2 First and when that is comfortable you can move to Step 1. Remember, there will be a big difference between steps so be patient. We have another  2nd Step Pushup video here to guide you.


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You can go back and look over Stage 1 or Stage 2 at any time.

Best of luck.

Make sure you have your doctors approval to start any new exercise routine. If you feel any pain when doing the exercise, please stop immediately. Correct form is important, so be sure to follow the tips and hints.

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