Relaunch of Get Running Training Programmes

In January 2018, The Irish Times relaunched Mary’s 3 Running programmes and Mary from ForgetTheGym wrote in the paper each week of the duration of the programme keeping everyone motivated and on track.

There were 10 weekly pieces in the paper. The links are listed below  to the online pieces and you can also view the paper cutouts  for all 10 weeks too. Ideal to follow if you are starting the online programmes yourself. Remember you can join anytime and here are details of the Get Running Programme.

Jan 2nd : Are you ready to get started?

Jan 9th : The Week to Get Running

Jan 16th : Setting Realistic Expectations

Jan 23rd : It’s normal to struggle to get out

Jan 30th : Thinks look up as we finish one month

Feb 6th : Trick yourself into becoming a better runner

Feb 13th : The 20 minute run milestone

Feb 20th : Let’s think about your upcoming event

Feb 27th : It’s time to feel confident and strong

Mar 6th : You have come a long way since January

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